I’ve been gone for a while

It has been ages since I last blogged and for that I’m sorry to my regular readers. However, in my absence i have been on many adventures, learnt many lessons and have some fab stories to share with you all. I have even managed to get a back-log of posts read to submit, so watch this space.

It’s been a tough year, a really tough year in fact. But I’ve made it through (thank God) and I’m ready for whatever life throws in my direction. 

Speak soon.

Han xx 

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tHiNgS tUeSdAy


tUeSdAyS now belong to alllllll tHiNgS ME!
This week I am going to mention a few tHiNgS as I haven’t posted for a while but after this week expect a post dedicated to one tHiNg ME

tHiNgS I am proud of 
With a girls holiday fast approaching it was time to give myself a kick up the bum and get back into training. With my desired bikini body (Cheryl Cole of course) shoved in my face every day I’m really trying hard to real my goal. My start wasn’t great I’ll be honest, opting for ‘cheats’ here and there and everywhere. However, so far this week I’ve really bashed it out and have stuck to my plan. Today was especially difficult on the hunger side of things (especially still having LENT to contend with) but having looked in the mirror tonight and not having to see my bloated tummy makes me feel really proud of myself for pushing through the pain.

Bring on tomorrow’s body obliteration I say!!!!!!!

tHiNgS I had forgotten
Peppermint Tea is soooooooo freakin awesome – I have always loved this stuff and cannot remember what was going through my mind to make me stop drinking it! Well looking forward to making my Peppermint iced-Tea/Peppermint Tea cocktails once Spring officially hits.

tHiNgS I am learning
Ok brace yourself for this one: I have recently learnt that…..I can actually be patient. I know it’s unbelievable right?!
Reacting in the heat of the moment has often been my forte but I now know that it never solves anything – it usually makes things worse. However, over the last month or so I’ve really learnt how to take a step back from a situation. Learning this has made me realise that certain situations aren’t as bad as they seem after a night or two’s sleep. Plus, with the initial anger removed I can focus on what I want to do and can then make a decision on how to react. A hard lesson to learn this one but I think I may have finally got it – HOOOORRRAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

tHinGs I am excited about
The most freaking, rad and totes awesome legend that is Mr Justin Timberlake released his MUCH AWAITED AND LONGED FOR album today and I was righht out there to grab my copy!! It is more epic than I could have imagined and wanted and I am soooooo excited to make some memories to his fudging sweeeet music!!


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Morning Glory Monday

“Wowzer Sarah and me had an interesting holiday!!”

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Single Girl Saturday

“Only when you let go can life really grab you”

Picture the scene: it’s freezing cold outside, there remains of yesterday’s snow are dusting the fields, you are curled up on the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot water bottle, a cup of something hot and some delicious food. All you need is a movie and a man to make this perfect…right?


Tonight this single girl battled against the ‘couples movie night in’ and did all of the above….WITHOUT.A.GUY!!!

And I had a reallly awesome time.

I had already planned a night in on my own as I had some work to catch up on. However, said movie started playing in the background and it caught my attention. I gave in, grabbed some comfort food, curled up and watched it. It was just the right kind of film I not only wanted, but needed.

“Because I Said So”

Because I Said So

This film (and the soundtrack, which I’ve just found out is for sale – hence the picture above – eeek) gave me hope, made me cry, made me laugh and filled my heart with warmth. Yes it was a romcom and we all know “how much us single girls rely on our romcoms” BUT for someone who has been very nervous around the ‘L’ word it was nice to feel that warm-fuzzy feeling again.

I feel proud of myself tonight. I’m proud that I allowed myself to release some emotion for a start. I’m proud that I gave in and watched a movie on my own. But most of all I am proud that I was actually comfortable with my own company and my situation….all in all this was a good night.

I have to be honest with you though, my night was entirely ‘man free’ Gabriel Macht (more commonly known for his role in American Law Drama ‘Suits’) starred in this movie and boy is he LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’d defo be happy to spend a night with him….ssshhheeessshhhh)


If the picture isn’t enough take a look at the trailer below……………

…………see what I mean?! **wink** **wink** This single girl is off to bed with a smile on her face (and very flustered cheecks)

Single Life – 0
Single Girl – 1

Night all.



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Theatrical Thursday

‘Les Miserables’
“The wretched ones, The miserable ones, The poor ones, The victims”
Les Miserables is a nineteenth century novel which follows the lives and interactions of several different characters, focussing on the struggles of ex-convict Jean Valjean and his journey to redemption.

I love Les Miserables for the way in which Victor Hugo represents the hardships of his characters. Yet the stage performances I have seen of Les Miserables have put me off wanting to pursue having heard this story, any further. However, last week I gave in and went to see the movie adaptation. I was very reluctant to enjoy this and scowled when I was told I would either cry or applaud at the end of the movie.

As the movie began I sat in my seat concentrating more on the bacon crisps I had purchased and the delicious taste of Amoretto waiting for me in the hip flask. I wasn’t willing to give this movie a chance. And then….it hit me! Not even 10 minutes in and the injustice Jean Valjean endured had me agitated and angry in my seat! I was hooked!

I’ll be honest…the film was a little long for my liking…I did feel there were scenes which they could have cut out. However, certain enough by the end I was totally overwhelmed and sobbing my heart out!! The audience applauded during the credits and, had I not been trying to salvage my make-up, I would have jumped on to my seat and clapped with them for as long as I could.

The movie adaptation was, in my eyes, powerful, moving and gut-wrenching.

Being a musical fanatic I knew the songs, yet it wasn’t the songs themselves which grabbed me – it was the heart-breaking portrayal of the lives of which certain characters lived. In particular the lives of Fantine, Eponine, Jean Valjean and Javert struck me so deeply that I couldn’t sleep afterwards….their selfless acts challenged me to reconsider a few things in my own life.

There is so much I could post about Les Miserables but I would run the risk of ruining the story for those who haven’t heard it. But what I will say is that Les Miserables reminded me that we should all have something to fight for. Life is precious but it doesn’t last – this isn’t a rehearsal. We can either be selfish, benefiting ourselves only, or we can hold life lightly and act selflessly fighting for that one person, or that one cause or even that one country; selfless acts benefit more people in a deeper sense, than if we chose to please ourselves.

If you haven’t seen the movie as of yet, go watch it! As for me, I am definitely going to give the stage production another watch.


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An interesting insight to love……
….enjoy xOx


Remember when I used to post in a timely manner? Haaaa, memories. Really, to the nearly 80,000 regular readers out there, I apologize for taking a month off; I had to go wash my hair. All right, let’s see if I still know how to do this.

hiiasnao .. oaswepq9 93

Nope, let’s try again.

You read the title correctly. On an average day, love doesn’t really belong in the Trivia folder of life’s filing cabinet, but I want you to think about it differently while I’ve got this light grasp on your miserably short attention span. First of all, I don’t care what love means to you. You could view it as a reusable coupon into a lady’s passion canal. Maybe to you, love is believing in the same god(s). It could mean having someone 100% loyal to your desires (emotional slavery). And what about the assmunches who quantify…

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Wise Words Wednesday

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”

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Morning Glory Monday

**New Blog Feature Alert**

I wanted to shake up my blog posts and thought that, especially after the heaviness of Sermon Sundays, Mondays required something different. So I’ve dedicated Mondays to the glory of the mornings…..

……each week I am going to post the first thought I have when I awake. I’m putting myself totally on the line for you, my readers, as I’ve got a feeling one day soon I’m going to think of something un-p c. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Thankfully my first Morning Glory Monday isn’t too bad: as I woke at 3.48am I thought “I am going to be sick, stupid fecking teabags.”

Like a stupid fool I drank caffeinated tea (caffeine allergies people) and as a result I am suffering from it! Luckily I managed to calm down my anxiety attack fairly reasonably (usually I turn unto a headless chicken awaking everyone and causing drama as I meltdown) and unusually quietly.

Still, had I not been lazy yesterday (making a mental note to follow my own advice from Sermon Sunday) I wouldn’t be in this situation today.

Lesson learnt (I hope) and on with the day.

I’d be really interested to know of your first thoughts this morning–go on be daring and share in the comment box below.

Have a good day y’all.


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Sermon Sunday

“Change yourself in order to change your circumstance.”~Steve Sanger, Personal Trainer.

I want to start my post today by asking you a question: When you come out of a trial/bad time, do you keep up that significant change that pulled you through or do you fall back into the laziness of your previous thoughts and actions?
I for one know that, when things are going great it is easy for me to slip right back into a previous routine, often the routine that got me into a trial in the first place. No wonder my circumstances start to decline again.

Keeping up a personal change is hard work – sometimes it is even harder that the trial itself. Changing yourself for a better outcome in life is often easier because you know you can do something to drag yourself out of your pit. Yet the last thing you want to do when everything is rosy is to keep working hard for a better future; you want to relax, enjoy the good times as you know the bad times are just lurking around the corner ready to pounce.

Sound familiar?

How does one go about keeping up a personal change?

The key is to fight laziness.

Laziness attacks us all; be it mental or physical laziness, we are all lazy at some point in our lives.The ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I’ll do it later’ attitude is what drags us down into negative pastures. Laziness, in its most common form, is the want for an ‘easier life’ Here is scenario for you:

Imagine you’re a cake lover but you know your love for cake is causing the increase in those extra pounds you have put on. So you decide to cut cake out of your diet. Over a few months you notice the vast improvement in your health by airing your slimmer waist line (at this point I would just like to say that quitting cake alone will not help you lose loads of weight – there is more to weight loss than this but I am using the cake situation as an example – bare with me) As a slimmer, healthier, happier you, you feel proud at what you have achieved. One day you are hungry but ‘cannot be bothered’ to cook. Now that you are slim again you think “ah I’ll grab a piece of cake it’s easier; one piece of cake wont hurt me.” As that one piece become two pieces, you fall back into your previous routine. A few weeks down the line you notice that you feel groggy and your body shape is changing again.


My advice is this: Grab laziness by the balls and throw it off a cliff….you don’t need it in your life! Keeping your mind and body active are great ways to keep up a personal change that you have made. There are thousands of surveys that clearly show exercise helps you de-stress and sleep better: a great way to shake off that possible down/negative period you may be going through.

And we all know that an active mind means things get done. Writing a list is a great way to be pro-active and keep up with personal change.

My thoughts this week have aimed to show you that, if you make a personal change, whether to lose weight or to stop being easily angered, making the change is only the first step to bring you out of your trial. You have to work at personal change in order to achieve personal growth. Personal growth allows that change previously made to become deeper, saving you from falling into the pit of having to learn the same lesson over and over again.

So get up off your butt and get yourself sorted…..The New Year is a great time to sort yourself and your life out. It is time that we all overcame that lazy bug and got things done — no more excuses people!

Good luck xOx

P.S. For hints and tips on a healthier you check out the following awesome blogs by my trusted friends; Personal Trainer Steve  http://stevesangerpt.com  and GlutenFreeBlogger Sarah http://theglutenfreeblogger.com


Single Girl Saturday

**New blog feature alert**

As you can see from the title Saturday’s blogs are dedicated to ‘Single Girl Saturday.’ I have come up with a list of activities you would expect ‘couples’ to do whether on a first date or after being together for a while. My aim is to complete such activities on my own. Now this may sound like I am being a looser BUT  let me tell you, this is the quickest and best way to overcome that ‘Table for One’ feeling. I’ve already started on this and have some great stories to blog about already. Who says a single girl can’t have fun on her own?!!

If you have any ideas of things you would like me to try, free to comment below.

Whilst I get this blog post up and running here is a preview of Next Weeks ‘Theatrical Thursday’

Enjoy xOx



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