Wedding Dresses Monroe Style

The first of my Celebrity Wedding Dresses blog aims to highlight the beauty and grace yet sassy and sexy outfits of the wonderful legend that is: Marilyn Monroe. She has been known for some iconic outfits and it is some of her most famous and best outfits which I feel would make fabulous Wedding dresses today….

Outfit One: The famous dress


One of the most (if not THE most) famous Marilyn dresses. This outfit screams feminim sexiness and would make a gorgeous summer Wedding dress.

Outfit Two: The ‘some like it hot’ dress


I love this dress. The slim line and open chest design is sassy and provocative. I don’t think this dress would work for a big busted woman but I cannot deny that it is another perfect Wedding dress idea.

Outfit Three: The ‘not so innocent’ dress

Wow – what a dress. Another slim line design but this dress is unique in its feminim and pure design. The detail that is placed on the fabric throughout, especially on the bodice and sleeves draw attention to Marilyn’s fabulous figure (and her bust)

Outfit Four: The ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress

And last, but certainly not least, the amazing ‘Happy Birthday’ dress. Wow  – just wow!!


(All pictures may be subject to Copyright laws, were found on Google images and were used purely for personal reasons) 

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The best movie kisses

We watch them and swoon, we want to be involved in them, we dream about them for many moments and we practice them. Movie kisses are, for me, essential to the making of a good film. So prepare yourselves people for here are my top 10 favourite movie kisses….

(For those that are a little weak hearted the below videos may contain a little nookie – apologies but they were the only videos I could find)

10. Romeo and Juliet

9. Ever After

8.  Pearl Harbour

7. Spiderman

Now seriously – if you haven’t tried this kiss – get on with it!!!!

6. Never Been Kissed

The grab-me-now kiss – so lovely.

5. First Daughter

6. Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End 

Ok, ok so he kisses her leg but still – fwaaaoh!!!!

3. Titanic

Oooh – I have goosebumps right now!!!

2. Twilight

For all the girls who want to be bitten/kissed by the luscious vampire that is Edward Cullen – I am right there with you!!

1. The Notebook – aka BEST KISS IN MOVIE HISTORY!!



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Songs I secretly love

Inspired by BBC Radio One’s ‘Chris Moyles Show’ I decided to share with the world 10 songs that I secretly love…

10. The Spice Girls – Stop

9. S Club 7 – Bring It All Back

8. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand

….. but I LOVE the Diva Fever version better!!






7. Will Young – Evergreen






6. Leon Jackson – Don’t Call This Love

5. Gareth Gates – What My Heart Wants To Say

4. Glee Cast (version) – Don’t Stop Believing






3. Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music

2. All 4 1 – I swear

1. Elton John – Something About The Way You Look Tonight

So there you have it – it is no longer a secret – 10 songs that I love…bliss!


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Vintage Wedding Dresses

I am getting married and I am very, very excited!

Like all newly engaged couples, my partner and I want to make sure our day is the most perfect day ever (I would like to point out here that I am marrying the most amazing man on earth so our day is already going to be amazing – ok cheese over :P) so we are taking our time with the preparation and planning for our Wedding! However, I am not going to lie to you – I am a girl and as a girl there is one thing that I cannot wait to organise….The Dress. I was never a dress kind of girl when I was younger – even in my teens I opted for baggy jeans, uggs and a t-shirt, but entering my 20’s I have fallen in love with dresses and cannot get enough of them! Even though this is said, I do not  have enough knowledge about or experience wearing dresses. Unfortunately, this means that I have no clue as to the different styles of Wedding dress that are available and have no idea what style would suit me. Yes, I have a vague idea about the style of Wedding dress that I would like but haven’t come across that perfect dress – yet! With this in mind I have decided to start researching/scrap booking different styles of Wedding dress. From the poofy to darn right wild – I want to see them all. Here are the first few styles that have caught my eye so far.

Vintage – 1920 – 1980

Anyone who loves and understands fashion will know that Vintage clothing is HUGE right now. The most popular vintage-esk Wedding dress that I have seen recently was of course the fabulous Kate Middleton’s Grace Kelly style dress. I have to say that I loved her dress – she looked gorgeous. Vintage is definitely a 2011 Wedding Dress must have!!

Dress One – Found at


This dress is simple, elegant and displays that gorgeous vintage lace – I really love this dress!

Dress Two – Found at


Again such a simple yet beautifully detailed dress.

Dress Three – Found at

This dress is just wow! Stunning lace on the bodice and a more modern attempt at the classic A line vintage style! Luuuuvvvv it!!

Dress Four – Found at

Again lace all over this dress but you cannot deny that the low back of this dress (the front is pretty gorgeous too) and the chique waste ribbon make this classy vintage dress unique.

These are just a few of the dresses that I have found but there is sooo much choice in the vintage range that I just don’t know what to pick. Lace has never been a style that I have either liked or worn but I have to say that the dresses I have found so far make lace gorgeous…it has really grown on me. If I can say one thing about vintage Wedding dresses (other than I loves them all) it would be that they are fabulously elegant and not as expensive as I thought! Still there are many styles to research so we shall see what style I decide to go for.

What do you all think of these dresses? Does anyone know of any other exceptional vintage-style Wedding dresses?
P.S. Keep an eye out for my next Wedding blog – Celebrity Wedding Dresses – excited!!!


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Live your life – but at what cost?!

The world is full of media-related pressure that attempts to encourage woman to look, feel and eat in one way – the rich/celebrity/model way. For a woman working a 9-5 job, or a nurse that works those 12 hour night shifts, even a mother who looks after her children every day, for normal woman in our society it is becoming increasingly difficult to be who we truly are with all of this pressure around us. Daily articles and celebrity pictures promote weight loss whilst newspapers, fashion mags and adverts encourage us to have ‘younger looking skin.’ With Botox, personal trainers, fake tan, nail extensions, hair extensions, fat reduction, boob jobs, nose jobs, healthy eating and much much more being shoved in our faces – no wonder we all feel a mass amount of self loathing when we look in the mirror.

And it isn’t easy for men either. They too have to contend with each other; with anti-aging cream, muscle builders, make-up and even hair transplants currently being top of the range for men in our modern society. You wonder why men grey or loose their hair early – the stress of it all takes its toll on men too.

With all the media hype about looking, feeling and living in a certain way – we as normal citizens that go about our normal lives with our normal jobs, loose our individuality and are pushed into a ‘lower class – lets not bother with them’ category. As unfair as this stereotyping is it is us normal citizens that are always compromised during financial crisis. In times such as these (especially as this week gas and electricity has vastly gone up) how are those of us who aren’t earning thousands a month meant to keep up with this charade of looking good? More to the point how are those of us that aren’t earning thousands a month meant to eat, drink and live in comfort let along luxury? 

Shoes – The Expensive Ones

With the likes of Jimmy Choo, Christian Laboutin, Gucci and Stuart Weitzman’s creations being shoved in our faces by celebrities everywhere – it is no wonder men and women feel they have to spend in order to fit in.

Jimmy Choo’s range from £100 – £695+

Christian Laboutin shoes range from £100 – £1500+

Gucci’s collection fall in the £100 – £5000+

and wait for this…..

Stuart Weitzman’s collection ranges from £100 – £982000+

How on earth are we to contend with prices like that? Even the shoes at £100 (sale prices) fall just under a weeks rent for me. The most expensive pair of shoes I have bought (and kept) were £38 – even then I wanted to cry at the damage to my wallet!

Shoes – The Cheap Ones

(Don’t be put off by the word cheap – it only refers to the price – not to the quality of product)

Next shoes range from £3.00 – £300+

New Look’s collection are from £5.00 – £100+

Primark shoes range from £1.50 – £50+

Tesco Shoes also range from £3.00 – £50+

Food – The Sort of-Expensive Selection

If you are willing to or like splashing out on food then places like Waitrose and Marks ‘n’ Sparks are the places to go. Good quality food at reasonable prices.

Marks and Spencer’s Bread (cheapest price) – 60p

Waitrose Bread (cheapest price) – 50p

Food – The Cheaper Selection

Asda Bread (cheapest price) – 47p

Tesco Bread (cheapest price) – 39p

Sainsbury’s Bread (cheapest price) – also 39p

Skin Care – The Expensive Items

L’Oreal moisturizer (cheapest price) – £7.14

Olay (cheapest price) – £4.59

Skin Care – The Cheaper Items

Nivia moisturizer (cheapest price) – £4.07

Vaseline moisturizer (cheapest price) – £1.95

Simple moisturizer (cheapest price) – £1.50

You get my drift!!

All I can say is during these hard times I am grateful for places that provide good quality products at affordable prices – helping us to achieve a happier, healthier and comfortable life!


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I admit – I am so very far behind the times (even at 22) For years, and years, and years (you get the picture) I just didn’t get the hype about London. This may seem very sad to some of you, after all, London is the capital of the country in which I was born, but I just didn’t get it! I have been on many trips to London and, until recently, have wanted to get there and back as quick as I could.

But…over the last 8 months something has changed within me and now I am excited about going to and being in London – so much so that at the end of my recent visit – I just didn’t want to leave. From a newly found London-lover to you – here is my London story.

October 2010 – Where it all began.

Last October my amazingly wonderful (and extremely sexy) fiance bought me tickets to see Chicago at the West End. For anyone that knows me this was a dream come true. I was soooo excited about it that I nearly cried! Minutes before we left our lovely home my amazingly wonderful (and extremely sexy) fiance 😛 told me that we were also going to be staying in a 5 star hotel – I cannot repeat my reaction to this but I think you can guess what I said!! The Hotel was the most wonderful, charming and exquisite hotel I have ever been too. The staff were, more than hospitable – plying us with free champagne (and not the cheap stuff) as we arrived. We had a butler take care of us and our luggage and were catered for by really friendly concierge. Aswell as being treated like royalty (even though I was wearing my Ugg boots) the decor in the hotel and our room was TO-DIE-FOR! Honestly, I felt like I had died and woken up in Paris! It was better than I could ever have imagined! The view from our window was also spectacular as the hotel overlooked Buckingham Palace. At that moment I thought nothing could beat the initial experience of being within the hotel and going to see Chicago – and then my amazingly wonderful (and extremely sexy fiance) topped the whole experience…arriving back to our room at the hotel I opened the door to (what I originally thought was the wrong room) candlelight, music, chocolate, scattered rose petals (they were everywhere) and more champagne (and not the cheap stuff haha)!! I was gob-smacked – I couldn’t believe that this was my birthday treat – little did I know that somewhere lying comfortably within my fiance’s trouser pocket was the platinum diamond engagement ring that he was about to propose to me with!! What a fantastic weekend, with the most fantastic man, in a fantastic hotel, in the fantastic capital of my country…..bliss!!!!

April 2011

The Royal Wedding – need I say anymore?! I sat and watched the Royal Wedding with my cuppa (drinking from my lovely William and Kate mug – a true brit me) and cried and laughed and cried some more. What a historical day for them, for us, for London and for our country. Another day that will not be forgotten!!!!

                                                                                                                              June 2011 

Another truely unique experience that London had to offer. Last night my fiance and I went to watch  a fab-u-lous comedian perform his last ever show – Mr Peter Kay! That man, I am pleased to say, is a true legend! What a way to end his touring years with him playing the double-shovel to Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ He has got to be the only man to get a standing ovation by playing a garden tool – fantastic. My make-up was smudged from laughing (and crying) so much but I just didn’t care. My spirits were so high and my face was aching so much from laughing – that I just laughed, smiled and sang all of my worries away – it was a fabulous night and an evening that I will never forget! Thank you Peter Kay!!

On the way home from the O2 arena (which in itself is pretty awe-mazing) the sat nav took us a very long, but awe-mazing way home. We journeyed for an hour driving right through the centre of London and in doing so got to see sooo many spectacular landmarks. First of all we drove past Harrods and Harvey Nicks (what women doesn’t enjoy looking at shops) then journeyed through the West End (love) over the Thames Bridge (viewing Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Chapel) past the Ritz and Savoy Hotels, through Piccadilly Circus and Pall Mall (at this point I was trying to guess the names on the Monopoly board) through Canary Warf (I did look for Alan Sugar I will admit) past the Oval and past Twickenham! And – we got to see all of these exceptional sites at night when everything was lit. It really was magical!

So as you can see I am now a converted London lover. Granted it has taken me nearly 10 years to get to this point but I am here…and what a happy moment this is for me. I cannot WAIT to get back to London to start exploring!! All of this being said, I guess you are wondering what the reason behind this blog is – well I wanted to encourage you all to do something. I am not going sit here and tell you to visit London (although if you have a free weekend I would def recommend it) but I am going to tell you to appreciate the country in which we live (if you do not live here then the same rule applies – appreciate the country in which you live) I turn on the news everyday to hear reports of issues found within the world that make me mad (the Government here makes me so livid sometimes) but I have learnt a valuable lesson over the last 8 months – that our country is what it is – it doesn’t pretend to be anything different… but no matter what is going on in this country – I cannot ignore the fact that this country is beautiful! For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I am proud to be a born and bred citizen of the amazing England! 

Take time to appreciate and travel around the country that you live in – times are hard and many of us cannot afford to holiday abroad – but you need not worry because, as I have discovered, there is plenty of amazing sites to see that are right on your doorstep!!

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My Greatest Rebellion

As I smell the scent of its pages
My lustful desires are conceived
With every word, it engages
With every word that I read

My sense of maturity is aborted
My inner-most thoughts; they are free
As the longing to touch becomes sorted
It is a new person I see

The language becomes my biggest rival
For its greatest seduction I can taste
As I change and adapt for survival
This story is my favourite escape

Who would have known my greatest rebellion
Would derive from these pages I’ve read
As they now disappear like a stellion
I will dream as I lay in my bed

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Hanz Summer Playlist

15 songs in my 2011 summer playlist:

1. Kari Kimmel – To Make You Smile

2. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

3. David Guetta feat. Rihanna – Who’s That Chick

4. Everly – Stars

5. Stevie Wonder – Superstition

6. Nickleback – Far Away

7. Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation – Feel This

8. David Guetta – Love Don’t Let Me Go

9.  Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

10. Jason Mraz – Live High

11. Iron and Wine – Flightless bird

12. Justin Timberlake – Senorita

13. Jessie J – Mamma Knows Best

14. Jack Johnson – Better Together

15. JLo feat. Pitbull – On The Floor


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Calling All Summer Sufferers!!!

I looked out my window early this morning and thought to myself  ‘ah it looks a little cloudy outside – I shall wear my amazingly comfy (and new) knitted boots today’ Little did I know that the sun would be so intense on my journey to and from work, that my precious Ugg boots were causing me immense grief! It is days like today when a massive part of me dies inside. Instead of rejoicing at the fact that the sky was that amazing blue colour – you know the colour I mean, that the clouds were barely to be seen and that my hair didn’t look like a wet mop for once, all I could think about was the reasons I detest the Summer sunshine =(  As a life-long (a 22year old didn’t sound as dramatic) Asthma, Excema, Hayfever and Peeling Scalp sufferer summer isn’t my happiest of times. Instead of carrying the light handbag that is nearly bare throughout the Winter – I have to carry a heavy handbag to fit in all the medication, tissues, throat lozenges and many other essentials, that I need to get through these summary days. Not only that but the heat plays havoc with my moods – yes I am a lover of being warm and cosy – if I could forever stay in my bed wrapped in my duvet and Uggs (and everything else for that matter) then I would – but to be walking or even sitting in the heat makes me one angry, sweaty bunny – no one likes to see that on a day out do they?! To top it all off my Summer is always more expensive than my Winter; medication, tissues, throat lozenges, antihistamines, moisturizer, water, plasters and a handbag to carry it all in, costs me a bom.

This is why I wanted to blog today. Despite my summer hang ups I do enjoy seeing the sun every once in a while and, whilst sun-lovers in the UK aren’t blessed with 24/7 sunshine – we have to enjoy and respect it when it eventually arrives. Today my blog is dedicated to my fellow Summer Sufferers – here are my top tips for getting through =D

1. Don’t Be Stupid:

Always, Always, Always carry your inhaler, excema cream and antihistamines with you at all times. I have ended up in hospital on MANY occasions not being able to breathe and let me tell you – it is one of the scariest experiences I have ever had. As Summer is the season for festivals in the fields and parties on the beach, these environments can not only cause chaos with your breathing, but can cause extreme hayfever and a drastic excema flare up. So many times have I ended up with blotchy skin, blisters, heat rashes and streaming itchy eyes that going out doesn’t seem worth it. Trust me if you can avoid this then always carry the essentials with you.

2. Hayfever Tablets/Antihistamines:

Lets face it – these tablets are expensive – but they too are essential to making it through the Summer. I use Piriteze because it does the job without making me drowsy (you have to be careful with this as many tablets cause drowsiness) The cost per packet (7 tablets) is usually around £3-£6 pounds depending on where you buy it, but essentially you are paying for a good product here! £3-£6 v Hospital – I know what my choice is!!

3. Tanning:

I want to say this loud and clear: for those of you that, like me, suffer from Excema, Psoriasis, A peeling scalp or any other skin related problem then you should know how damaging the sun can be. Exposing your already damaged skin to sunlight and heat without protecting yourself is a mistake not to be made. Yes I know how badly you may want that tan but believe me – there are easier ways around it. I consider myself (at the moment anyway) to be tanned – yes like others I want to be darker but I am not willing to risk my skin in order to do so. My tanning routine is as follows: If I am in the sun all day I use a Factor 30+ sun lotion with self tan in the mixture. For a more natural tan I apply a lower factor of suncream, 20-25+ and only lie in the sun for around 20-40mins max. Whatever you decide to use and however you want to get your tan always remember – moisturize your skin afterwards!! 

4. Keep Hydrated:

Water, Water, Water, Water! Not coke, lemonade, beer or juice – water! Water keeps you hydrated, allowing you to be refreshed and active during the sunning days and it has the added bonus of keeping your skin looking fab =D Drink up peeps!!

5. Wear loose, baggy clothes:

I never thought I would see the day when going to the beach – to sunbathe – became a fashion. I have witnessed girls in their killer heels and tight denim shorts going to the beach – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! In order to stay cool, active and sweat free  my advice would be to wear loose, baggy clothing and accessorize your outfit with a bit of beachy, summary bling!!

6.   Make sure you have a fab-u-lous playlist:

And last but certainly not least, getting through a sun-filled day becomes that little bit easier if you have a great playlist to sing along too.

Enjoy! Hannah x

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‘I have a dream’ and it starts with us!!!

Today I came across a blog where the subject matter was ‘looking after our fellow humans.’ Of course there is and was no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy this blog and, more to the point, that I would agree with the blogs aim – if there was a charity in encouraging humans to look out for one another – then I would be the founder of it. 

Such a topic is something I moan about all of the time, and when I say moan I mean really moan. I am sick-to-death of the impolite, prejudice, discriminative and selfish society that we live in. Nearly every day I endure at least two of the above and it is starting to get on my nerves. The aspects of human action and behaviour that gets on my nerves more often then others is selfishness. In fact, the more I think about it the more I am convinced that the prejudice, impolite and discriminative society in which we live, is actually caused by our own selfishness. I am not writing this under a conceived idea that I am perfect – in fact I know that deep down I am far from perfect – but what I am guilty of is a kind heart and a longing to help people. It would be easier for me to believe that people just do not want to be helped anymore – but I know that there is no truth behind that.

I understand that society is changing – for me, this change is happening far too fast. Long gone are the days where you could safely chat over your garden wall to your neighbour, gone are the days when you could let your child walk down the street on their own, gone are the days where we respected each other despite gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or religion. I know these days are gone and that times are changing – but to me – times aren’t changing for the better. I was lucky enough to be brought up in a household that taught me the value of  ‘loving and respecting others’ in the same way you want to be loved and respected! But nowadays, I honestly couldn’t tell you of one school that goes beyond teaching and actually emphasises such a way of living, that values and morals are obviously present in the behaviour and actions of the children of today. I honestly couldn’t tell you of any company that appreciates its employees to an extent where morals and values are once again so clearly present. In a society of such hatred shouldn’t we be encouraging the implication of morals and values – shouldn’t we be representing morals and values in our lives? In a society that seems to be so cold towards helping each other – how are we meant to encourage our children to be positive and happy living in our society? I for one am struggling with the thought of raising  children in such a world.

If we put as much passion into looking after and respecting others as we do hating each other, then I for one would be a prouder and happier person! We have to face the reality that our world is slowly falling apart, every hurricane, tornado, tsunami and bush fire is evidence of this – but we MUST face the fact that we are the only ones to blame. Many people are dedicated to making our world a better environment to live in  – but I believe that if we start dedicating our lives to help, respect and appreciate each other – then our world WILL be fab-u-lous!!!  

In the words of Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’ and that dream is to be able to be free and accepted for who I am. My dream is to live in a world where every person put others before themselves, my dream is to live in a world where humans actually care about those that live here too. I know my dream may be wild, extreme and completely impossible – but if every one of us seeks to put one other before ourselves, then the world will slowly become the place it should be.

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