‘I have a dream’ and it starts with us!!!

Today I came across a blog where the subject matter was ‘looking after our fellow humans.’ Of course there is and was no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy this blog and, more to the point, that I would agree with the blogs aim – if there was a charity in encouraging humans to look out for one another – then I would be the founder of it. 

Such a topic is something I moan about all of the time, and when I say moan I mean really moan. I am sick-to-death of the impolite, prejudice, discriminative and selfish society that we live in. Nearly every day I endure at least two of the above and it is starting to get on my nerves. The aspects of human action and behaviour that gets on my nerves more often then others is selfishness. In fact, the more I think about it the more I am convinced that the prejudice, impolite and discriminative society in which we live, is actually caused by our own selfishness. I am not writing this under a conceived idea that I am perfect – in fact I know that deep down I am far from perfect – but what I am guilty of is a kind heart and a longing to help people. It would be easier for me to believe that people just do not want to be helped anymore – but I know that there is no truth behind that.

I understand that society is changing – for me, this change is happening far too fast. Long gone are the days where you could safely chat over your garden wall to your neighbour, gone are the days when you could let your child walk down the street on their own, gone are the days where we respected each other despite gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or religion. I know these days are gone and that times are changing – but to me – times aren’t changing for the better. I was lucky enough to be brought up in a household that taught me the value of  ‘loving and respecting others’ in the same way you want to be loved and respected! But nowadays, I honestly couldn’t tell you of one school that goes beyond teaching and actually emphasises such a way of living, that values and morals are obviously present in the behaviour and actions of the children of today. I honestly couldn’t tell you of any company that appreciates its employees to an extent where morals and values are once again so clearly present. In a society of such hatred shouldn’t we be encouraging the implication of morals and values – shouldn’t we be representing morals and values in our lives? In a society that seems to be so cold towards helping each other – how are we meant to encourage our children to be positive and happy living in our society? I for one am struggling with the thought of raising  children in such a world.

If we put as much passion into looking after and respecting others as we do hating each other, then I for one would be a prouder and happier person! We have to face the reality that our world is slowly falling apart, every hurricane, tornado, tsunami and bush fire is evidence of this – but we MUST face the fact that we are the only ones to blame. Many people are dedicated to making our world a better environment to live in  – but I believe that if we start dedicating our lives to help, respect and appreciate each other – then our world WILL be fab-u-lous!!!  

In the words of Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’ and that dream is to be able to be free and accepted for who I am. My dream is to live in a world where every person put others before themselves, my dream is to live in a world where humans actually care about those that live here too. I know my dream may be wild, extreme and completely impossible – but if every one of us seeks to put one other before ourselves, then the world will slowly become the place it should be.

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  2. I agree – people need to stop taking other people being different as an offense or assault on themselves.

    That I am a lesbian and married does not devalue the marriage of straight people.

    The problem is people who are convinced that they are right not only for themselves but other people – in that way, my being an atheist is a threat to the beleiver who is convinced that they know the right way. My non-beleif threatens their little bubble of the world.

    And instead, they need to be upfront and less controlling – they can beleive what they want and leave me to my non-beleif.

    My fate is not their concern, and this is where things go wrong for beleivers – they have a compulsion to convert people and accuse every other group of being the same.

    Atheists don’t recruit, gays and lesbians do not recruit.

    People are these things because they are these things, they weren’t lured, or forced or bribed or threatened.

    Which is apparently how beleif is spread.

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