I admit – I am so very far behind the times (even at 22) For years, and years, and years (you get the picture) I just didn’t get the hype about London. This may seem very sad to some of you, after all, London is the capital of the country in which I was born, but I just didn’t get it! I have been on many trips to London and, until recently, have wanted to get there and back as quick as I could.

But…over the last 8 months something has changed within me and now I am excited about going to and being in London – so much so that at the end of my recent visit – I just didn’t want to leave. From a newly found London-lover to you – here is my London story.

October 2010 – Where it all began.

Last October my amazingly wonderful (and extremely sexy) fiance bought me tickets to see Chicago at the West End. For anyone that knows me this was a dream come true. I was soooo excited about it that I nearly cried! Minutes before we left our lovely home my amazingly wonderful (and extremely sexy) fiance 😛 told me that we were also going to be staying in a 5 star hotel – I cannot repeat my reaction to this but I think you can guess what I said!! The Hotel was the most wonderful, charming and exquisite hotel I have ever been too. The staff were, more than hospitable – plying us with free champagne (and not the cheap stuff) as we arrived. We had a butler take care of us and our luggage and were catered for by really friendly concierge. Aswell as being treated like royalty (even though I was wearing my Ugg boots) the decor in the hotel and our room was TO-DIE-FOR! Honestly, I felt like I had died and woken up in Paris! It was better than I could ever have imagined! The view from our window was also spectacular as the hotel overlooked Buckingham Palace. At that moment I thought nothing could beat the initial experience of being within the hotel and going to see Chicago – and then my amazingly wonderful (and extremely sexy fiance) topped the whole experience…arriving back to our room at the hotel I opened the door to (what I originally thought was the wrong room) candlelight, music, chocolate, scattered rose petals (they were everywhere) and more champagne (and not the cheap stuff haha)!! I was gob-smacked – I couldn’t believe that this was my birthday treat – little did I know that somewhere lying comfortably within my fiance’s trouser pocket was the platinum diamond engagement ring that he was about to propose to me with!! What a fantastic weekend, with the most fantastic man, in a fantastic hotel, in the fantastic capital of my country…..bliss!!!!

April 2011

The Royal Wedding – need I say anymore?! I sat and watched the Royal Wedding with my cuppa (drinking from my lovely William and Kate mug – a true brit me) and cried and laughed and cried some more. What a historical day for them, for us, for London and for our country. Another day that will not be forgotten!!!!

                                                                                                                              June 2011 

Another truely unique experience that London had to offer. Last night my fiance and I went to watch  a fab-u-lous comedian perform his last ever show – Mr Peter Kay! That man, I am pleased to say, is a true legend! What a way to end his touring years with him playing the double-shovel to Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’ He has got to be the only man to get a standing ovation by playing a garden tool – fantastic. My make-up was smudged from laughing (and crying) so much but I just didn’t care. My spirits were so high and my face was aching so much from laughing – that I just laughed, smiled and sang all of my worries away – it was a fabulous night and an evening that I will never forget! Thank you Peter Kay!!

On the way home from the O2 arena (which in itself is pretty awe-mazing) the sat nav took us a very long, but awe-mazing way home. We journeyed for an hour driving right through the centre of London and in doing so got to see sooo many spectacular landmarks. First of all we drove past Harrods and Harvey Nicks (what women doesn’t enjoy looking at shops) then journeyed through the West End (love) over the Thames Bridge (viewing Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Chapel) past the Ritz and Savoy Hotels, through Piccadilly Circus and Pall Mall (at this point I was trying to guess the names on the Monopoly board) through Canary Warf (I did look for Alan Sugar I will admit) past the Oval and past Twickenham! And – we got to see all of these exceptional sites at night when everything was lit. It really was magical!

So as you can see I am now a converted London lover. Granted it has taken me nearly 10 years to get to this point but I am here…and what a happy moment this is for me. I cannot WAIT to get back to London to start exploring!! All of this being said, I guess you are wondering what the reason behind this blog is – well I wanted to encourage you all to do something. I am not going sit here and tell you to visit London (although if you have a free weekend I would def recommend it) but I am going to tell you to appreciate the country in which we live (if you do not live here then the same rule applies – appreciate the country in which you live) I turn on the news everyday to hear reports of issues found within the world that make me mad (the Government here makes me so livid sometimes) but I have learnt a valuable lesson over the last 8 months – that our country is what it is – it doesn’t pretend to be anything different… but no matter what is going on in this country – I cannot ignore the fact that this country is beautiful! For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I am proud to be a born and bred citizen of the amazing England! 

Take time to appreciate and travel around the country that you live in – times are hard and many of us cannot afford to holiday abroad – but you need not worry because, as I have discovered, there is plenty of amazing sites to see that are right on your doorstep!!

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