Live your life – but at what cost?!

The world is full of media-related pressure that attempts to encourage woman to look, feel and eat in one way – the rich/celebrity/model way. For a woman working a 9-5 job, or a nurse that works those 12 hour night shifts, even a mother who looks after her children every day, for normal woman in our society it is becoming increasingly difficult to be who we truly are with all of this pressure around us. Daily articles and celebrity pictures promote weight loss whilst newspapers, fashion mags and adverts encourage us to have ‘younger looking skin.’ With Botox, personal trainers, fake tan, nail extensions, hair extensions, fat reduction, boob jobs, nose jobs, healthy eating and much much more being shoved in our faces – no wonder we all feel a mass amount of self loathing when we look in the mirror.

And it isn’t easy for men either. They too have to contend with each other; with anti-aging cream, muscle builders, make-up and even hair transplants currently being top of the range for men in our modern society. You wonder why men grey or loose their hair early – the stress of it all takes its toll on men too.

With all the media hype about looking, feeling and living in a certain way – we as normal citizens that go about our normal lives with our normal jobs, loose our individuality and are pushed into a ‘lower class – lets not bother with them’ category. As unfair as this stereotyping is it is us normal citizens that are always compromised during financial crisis. In times such as these (especially as this week gas and electricity has vastly gone up) how are those of us who aren’t earning thousands a month meant to keep up with this charade of looking good? More to the point how are those of us that aren’t earning thousands a month meant to eat, drink and live in comfort let along luxury? 

Shoes – The Expensive Ones

With the likes of Jimmy Choo, Christian Laboutin, Gucci and Stuart Weitzman’s creations being shoved in our faces by celebrities everywhere – it is no wonder men and women feel they have to spend in order to fit in.

Jimmy Choo’s range from £100 – £695+

Christian Laboutin shoes range from £100 – £1500+

Gucci’s collection fall in the £100 – £5000+

and wait for this…..

Stuart Weitzman’s collection ranges from £100 – £982000+

How on earth are we to contend with prices like that? Even the shoes at £100 (sale prices) fall just under a weeks rent for me. The most expensive pair of shoes I have bought (and kept) were £38 – even then I wanted to cry at the damage to my wallet!

Shoes – The Cheap Ones

(Don’t be put off by the word cheap – it only refers to the price – not to the quality of product)

Next shoes range from £3.00 – £300+

New Look’s collection are from £5.00 – £100+

Primark shoes range from £1.50 – £50+

Tesco Shoes also range from £3.00 – £50+

Food – The Sort of-Expensive Selection

If you are willing to or like splashing out on food then places like Waitrose and Marks ‘n’ Sparks are the places to go. Good quality food at reasonable prices.

Marks and Spencer’s Bread (cheapest price) – 60p

Waitrose Bread (cheapest price) – 50p

Food – The Cheaper Selection

Asda Bread (cheapest price) – 47p

Tesco Bread (cheapest price) – 39p

Sainsbury’s Bread (cheapest price) – also 39p

Skin Care – The Expensive Items

L’Oreal moisturizer (cheapest price) – £7.14

Olay (cheapest price) – £4.59

Skin Care – The Cheaper Items

Nivia moisturizer (cheapest price) – £4.07

Vaseline moisturizer (cheapest price) – £1.95

Simple moisturizer (cheapest price) – £1.50

You get my drift!!

All I can say is during these hard times I am grateful for places that provide good quality products at affordable prices – helping us to achieve a happier, healthier and comfortable life!


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