Wedding Dresses Monroe Style

The first of my Celebrity Wedding Dresses blog aims to highlight the beauty and grace yet sassy and sexy outfits of the wonderful legend that is: Marilyn Monroe. She has been known for some iconic outfits and it is some of her most famous and best outfits which I feel would make fabulous Wedding dresses today….

Outfit One: The famous dress


One of the most (if not THE most) famous Marilyn dresses. This outfit screams feminim sexiness and would make a gorgeous summer Wedding dress.

Outfit Two: The ‘some like it hot’ dress


I love this dress. The slim line and open chest design is sassy and provocative. I don’t think this dress would work for a big busted woman but I cannot deny that it is another perfect Wedding dress idea.

Outfit Three: The ‘not so innocent’ dress

Wow – what a dress. Another slim line design but this dress is unique in its feminim and pure design. The detail that is placed on the fabric throughout, especially on the bodice and sleeves draw attention to Marilyn’s fabulous figure (and her bust)

Outfit Four: The ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress

And last, but certainly not least, the amazing ‘Happy Birthday’ dress. Wow  – just wow!!


(All pictures may be subject to Copyright laws, were found on Google images and were used purely for personal reasons) 

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