Me and my cushty


I have read so many blogs in which their writers promote products that they have tried, tested, loved or hated. Today I become one of those bloggers…

A few years ago my parents bought me a microbead pillow in order to make a very long flight bearable!! As thrilled as I was to receive this pink beauty little did I know how amazing it was and how valuable it would become to my life.

The microbead pillow has so many qualities/functions…whatever…it is brilliant!! I use my pillow (or my cushty as I like to call it) to rest my neck against, to prop up my back when I am in the office, to have a quick nap on and for travelling purposes!! As sad as this may sound….I even sleep with my cushty at night – don’t judge me – it is soooo comfortable!!

The best thing about this pillow is its magical ability to reduce (or completely abliterate) pain.!! You probably think I am completely crazy (which is actually correct) but I am being very serious when I say this….and I should know!! I was recently diagnosed with a short-term (and non-serious) illness, part of which put me in a massive amount of pain…not even alcohol could help me.!! But (I hate starting a sentence with “but”) cushty came to the rescue!! It is likely that there is a psychological explanation for this but I am telling you – I curled up with cushty pressed into my pain and it was gone….and I managed to get a really decent nights sleep too!! Awesome!!

I woke up this morning and as usual, saw cushty pressed up against my tummy.!! As I laughed at my ridiculous obsession (and my huge, pregnancy like stomach) I was reminded of a scene in the film “The Back Up Plan” (lurrrve)

Jennifer Lopez  (lurrrve) stars as Zoe, a beautiful, single woman who is desperate to become a Mum (Important Note: anyone who hasn’t yet seen this film – get on it – it is pure brilliance) There is one particular scene in the movie where Zoe emphasises the frustrations and discomfort that many (if not all) pregnant women go through when they are trying to sleep: hot sweats, inability to relax, uncomfortable in any position….sound familiar?!

(Ok, ok I know this blog is a little long-winded but I am getting to the point now)

Can guess what came to Zoe’s rescue?! Yup you guessed right – a cushty and not just any cushty, oh no, a HUMAN SIZED CUSHTY!!! I gotta get me one of those!!

(One word of advice which is vital to point out here – these pillows are addictive!! Therefore please be warned that your other half ((in my case my better half)) may feel that you have neglected, replaced and have no use for them anymore!!! Haha!!)

Microbead pillows are sooooooo amazing; pain bustering, pregnancy comforting and essential travel accessory – if you don’t have one – then go get one!!!



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  1. Mum bought me a similar thing from Avon. It’s stuck in my cupboard. It doesn’t work for my pain. Each to their own I guess. My thing is a wheat bag with hard bits inside rather than soft and squidgy. I put it in the micro for longer than recommended (frequently have to replace them because I set fire to them lol), then double it over and lean on it where the pain is. The hardness added to the scalding factor (yep, not good I know but it works) takes my mind off the original pain 🙂 And as I speak the men in the white van have just pulled up outside my home 🙂

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