Lessons Found In The Tranquilty Of The Obvious

Bonfire night is my ultimate favourite night of the year! As autumn’s slightly chilled breeze whips my face and the warm, awe-inspiring fireworks light up the sky, enough for me to see my treacle toffee, standing with my loved one all wrapped up and cosy allows the world and its worries to explode with the fireworks – what is there not to like about this night? 

Yet as I watch this wonderful display unfold before me I am conscious that despite their beautiful colours, their fantastic sound and the familiar, comforting smell they release – fireworks are indeed very dangerous and have dramatic consequences upon our o-zone layer.

How can something so beautiful be so damaging at the same time? 

It was this thought that brought me to a stop: no longer am I fascinated by the firework display that I treasure so much, but my attention now turns to the guilt that I feel. How could I, as a human being and a lover of this wonderful planet, engage and encourage the release of something that could cause damage to our lovely earth? The more I think about this the more I thought I was about to become a raging activist (for those who don’t know me I am usually all for the rights of humans rather than the environment so this would have been a complete shock) but it has since emerged that this was not the lesson to be learnt; in fact other than giving me a kick up the bum to start respecting the world more, the lesson I actually needed to learn wasn’t anything to do with the environment at all. 

I used to have this amazing yet slightly annoying gift that forced me to see the good and the beauty in everything. I have realised very recently though that my focus is starting to drift more and more onto the negative. Such negativity is causing me to fear and is ultimately stopping me from truely living.

This is something I have to change!!

Just as I stand watching the fireworks I see their beauty, but I focus on their danger – this should be the other way around. There may be injustice, hatred and anger in the world, but there is also so much beauty – in fact there is loads of it – you just have to look! So from now on I say this; lets stop focusing on the negative – evil is out there so be aware but remember so is goodness in its beautiful form. Goodness will always win over evil, so as the positive stares you in the face – embrace it and respect it!

Thank you fireworks, you beautiful explosives, for a lesson found in the tranquility of the obvious =D

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