No Regrets

“If I should die before I wake
The least that I could ever say
I made mistakes but held on to my faith.

‘Cos when I look in the mirror
I don’t even recognise myself
Got the heart of a winner
But looking back at me is someone else
No regrets, No regrets
No point in crying over yesterday
No regrets, No regrets
‘Cos we aint even seen the best of days.”
~ Dappy 2011

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**A Relaxing Sunday In Pictures**

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“It’s a wonderful life”

Before I start today’s blog I want you to take a moment to think about the person or people you love most in your life. Think about all of the amazing times you have had together. Re-live all of those precious moments and experiences you have shared with one other….If you have seriously done this then I’m guessing you must be feeling pretty blissful right now?!

Now I want you to imagine that the very person or people who have and are making you so very happy, believe that you would be better off without them.  Are they crazy you scream? Ask yourself… does knowing the want to leave your life make you feel? I’ll be honest with you, I am terrified at the thought of not having those that I love so dearly in my life – a life without them, for me, isn’t a life at all!!

Ask anyone who know’s me….I blinkin love Christmas!!! This is my favourite, favourite, favourite time of year for many, many reasons…too many to list in fact. Christmas gives me that sense of perspective that I lose towards the second half of the year….this festive season reminds me how important family is, how amazing simple things like food tastes and smells, how much I appreciate and value the friendships of others  and how essential it is to be thankful for the blessings we have received. It doesn’t matter what rubbishy experiences or situations I have been through during the year – they are all wiped away with that first chill in the air, with that first sight of a white cloud, with that first note of a Christmas tune – the badness has gone and the beauty has returned!!

The problem is that Christmas is now a time focussed more on the material receiving rather than the blessings we have already been given…when did we lose that sense of thankfulness for what we already have? Working with children really shows me how much the meaning of Christmas has changed. Whilst I was sat listening to all the presents the children couldn’t wait to receive I thought there was no hope!! However, one child reminded me that even in the darkest of moments there is always a ray of hope. This child in particular told me that they had been to see Santa at a local shop. The child in question rarely uses her words and communicates with me through sounds and actions. Yet she was desperate to tell me about her trip to see Santa. When I asked her what she had asked Santa for her reply was so clear and so beautiful….’chocolate cake’  she replied with the biggest smile on her face. To this child something a simple as chocolate cake was so beautiful to her and it could be seen in her eyes that she would be genuinely happy with her choice of gift – she wanted nothing more and was truly thankful if she was to receive it! How amazingly lovely of her!

When I asked you to think about your loved ones leaving your life did it make you sad? Did you feel a sense of grief? I hope so! Everytime I think about loosing those that I hold so close to my heart, the pain affects me more than the sever stabbing of a knife into my heart would! I wanted to give you a sense of perspective during this time of year!! This is the one time of year I know I can definitely spend with family and friends and I would trade in any form of material possession for this time. I am so utterly thankful for my family and friends – they are the best blessings I have and ever will receive in my life.

There is so much to be thankful for in this world….sooo much! When you realise this I completely believe that you will achieve a true sense of happiness. When you do this make sure you remember…..

“It’s A Wonderful Life”  

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