Thoughts for the week….and more

Wow – what a week!!

Apologies that my blogs haven’t been posted this week; things have been crazy for me. I thought I would post a mega blog today combining my 3 regular posts into this one…..

Project 366

You know there is a 2-year-old in your house when…..

… cannot sit on the sofa.

Running a house and becoming a wife

My Mum gave me the most fabulous book, a book which at a first glance I wasn’t too keen on. The book is honestly amazing and has inspired me to get my act into gear and run my household properly. A well run household makes for an easier life and a happier wife (apparently) so I decided to give this a go. 

This week I learnt how to make Potato Rostis. My other half and I love these potato treats but to buy (the good ones) they are a little on the expensive side. Here’s how it went;

Stage One: Grate a peeled potato and squeeze out the juice.

Stage Two: Place a little butter into the frying pan (yes butter not oil) and spread the potato across the pan. Make sure the potato is evenly spread and is flat. Pour over the potato a little melted butter.

Stage Three: Once the bottom of the Rosti is cooked (you will tell as it will be compact enough to move when the pan is shaken) flip it onto the other side, making sure a little butter covers the bottom of the pan first. I cut mine into circle pieces.

Stage Four: Leave for around 10 minutes per side, until golden brown. Once they reach this stage they are ready to serve.

My pictures are a little on the rubbish side (rubbish camera) but still these were yum, yum, yummy, and sooo easy to make.

….. Of The Week 

These lovely treats came back into my life this week….

As did this amazing video…….

This week; however, is summed up by Michael Kiwanuka’s song ‘I’m getting ready’ as it totally put my week into perspective. After a brilliant seven days; a fixed friendship, some lovely news, a brand new job and a few learnt lessons, I was reminded to thank God for every way He has blessed me this week.

Have a great week people and remember to be thankful for all of your blessings.


P.S. Quote of the week spoken by my dear, dear friend TheGlutenFreeBlogger
“If opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door!” 

…..of the week pictures from flixr, tumblr and google.

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