Ok…I’ll admit it….I am one, huge, massive, GLEEK…..and I don’t care who knows it!!

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Project 52…..

**I’m seeing red**

It has been a while but with a new camera in tow I thought it was about time I got off my bum and caught up with my photography.

This weeks Project 52 is dedicated to all the lovely red things my gorgeous fiance and I have purchased for our new kitchen.


Ok, so we went a little crazy but with a white and grey kitchen these accessories look awesome…and believe me there are many more red accessories in the kitchen, my favourite of which………..

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Redemption….A Poem

There is hope.

Father, hear her prayer.
Surround her with your comfort and redemption
The strength she needs,
The love she so faithfully trusts.

Shake her from the
sinful thoughts that possess her mind; her being.
No beast can accomplish
that which you can , Oh God.

The body may
remain in the devil’s clutches,
but the soul belongs to the Lord, she speaks.

Forever a child of your word
despite her human flaws,
seek out the desperation
of a loved one
Father free her from the grief that plagues
her soul.

This is hope; hope is found.

Written by hanandherattitude April 2012

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Syndrome….A poem

It, was, time.

As heavy as the darkest, coldest of nights; nights
where beasts join together in a sinister matrimony,
she hung her head in deepest shame.

She pleads for forgiveness as
Her scars slice deeper into her pulmonary artery.
Just as the cancerous syndrome inconspicuously stripped
her dearest friend from the life she was embracing.

She stood in a piercing mourn, praying for
the life to be sucked from her own body and
passed into the shattered corpse that lay before her.

It,was, too, late.

Fire, as inconvenient as a thief in the night,
devoured the coffin in an instant.
The dishonourable release of an untamed stench
disentangled the once warm and sincere feelings she
had for her friend.

She knew that beasts were aroused by the foul odour;
below they waited to consume the bitterly pungent adolescent.
It, was, done.

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Breaking free….A poem

Removed my eyes as you passed
through the clearest of days;
vision is lost, found crumbled beneath me.

Waters chew, swallow but never release
me back into the surface of my being.
Forever is lost.

Once a child, never an adult.
Always an adolescent stuck
with an under developed soul
raging at the present,
caring less about the unknown.

The one that brought
me to life
that spat fire into my shrivelled cells,
bringing my being into the kindest
of days;
making my vision as clear as the
waters that buried me.

Forever cannot lost.

Written by hanandherattitude April 2012

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My day in words….

Sorry bank account =( Ouch!!!!

Clean house and a lovely, tidy office – woot

Peri peri chicken and mash…..goooooood

Assignment – hate you


Wine – can’t wait

Night curled up with my gorgeous fiance – yummy


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End of an era =(







I’m expecting that there have been a vast amount of blog posts in the last week, all of which I suspect will most definitely share the heartache I feel at One Tree Hill ending.


It may be difficult for others who do not share my feelings to understand the sadness I currently have. But when you have grown up with something that has encouraged, inspired and supported you, you feel at a complete loss without it in your life.

One Tree Hill was, to me, my best friend. It was always the programme I played when I was down, or when I needed advice One Tree Hill was the inspiration I turned too. It was the programme that cheered me up and was most definitely the programme that encouraged me to believe in myself. So as I journeyed into my 20’s still watching One Tree Hill with the same devotion as always shown I never expected it could end. 

I feel slightly terrified facing my late 20’s without my best friend by my side.

Looking past the fabulous actors and actresses, the wonderful story-lines and the amazing moral consequences each episode of OTH presented, there was love, dreams; ambition, inspiration; family morals, guidance and endurance. I have written blogs, songs, composed pieces of music, drawn pictures, designed clothes, even made important life decisions based on this programme. Extreme some may say, but not for me. One Tree Hill was my best friend, at times it was the only friend I felt I had.

Thank you to the person/people who dared to dream the incredible life that is One Tree Hill. Thank you to the amazing actors and actresses who shared the same dream and who were willing to continue to represent such moralistic ways of living in their private lives. Thank you for being the wonderful, activist, inspirational people who are so very rare to find in a celebrity. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with people like me.

Thank you One Tree Hill for supporting me throughout my teens and early 20’s. There were many a times when I couldn’t have gotten through the day without you and your encouragement.

I will remember you always.

There is only One Tree Hill.



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I haven’t blogged a huge amount over the past few weeks so thought I would produce a combined blog of what I have been up to…

…….Of The Week

Rise of the planet of the apes.

At first I saw Apes/monkeys (whatever) as just animals that are sort of human-like. Then I began to feel sorry for apes, especially those that are confined in small spaces and are mistreated. I then decided that apes are actually more intelligent than we give them credit for and now I’m slightly terrified of them =(

Brilliant movie!

40 days and 40 nights

I’VE DONE IT!!!!!!!!

6 weeks of no food-related over-indulgence (aka sweets, biscuits and cake)

It has been a rollercoaster and I’m not saying this for the sake of an easy cliché, I truly mean it. There have been times when I wanted nothing more than a delicious piece of carrot cake. Then there have been times when I felt like I needed to eat some comfort food. But no matter the situation I managed to do it!

Easter Sunday arrived and I was filled with excitement at the thought of eating my long-lost comfort food. I had a tin of sweets, a packet of digestive biccies and a big bag of skittles at the ready. For breakfast I devoured a vanilla pastry and it was soooo good. I then moved onto consume 2 lollipops, one digestive biccie, some malteesers, and a handful of skittles. I was surprised by the little amount I had wanted to eat. As the evening drew to a close I sat with all my sweets and biscuits at my side but I felt like I had eaten enough – I didn’t want any more. Still, as I am writing this, these delectable goodies are staring me in the face and I have no desire to eat any of them.

I am really pleased with this outcome as I was worried I would fall back into an old habit of binge eating, especially after giving them up for 6 weeks. Now I know that I can control what and how much I eat I feel so much better about myself. Plus I have the added bonus of having lost 4lbs since I started lent and I have to say I feel a lot healthier and a lot less bloated.

The main lesson I have learnt through this experience is the lesson of self-discipline. Now I know I can give up and control the amount of crappy food I eat, I know that with the same determination I can cut out or even take on other things to benefit my life. So with this in mind I have set myself a new challenge….exercise for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks.

For a person who hates exercise this is going to be tricky but I’m excited to embrace the challenge and am definitely looking forward to the outcome.

How was lent for you? 

Adventures in our wonderful country

It should be quite clear by now how much I love exploring our wonderful country so when hubby-to-be and I went on a random adventure to Bristol I was uber excited.

The hotel we stayed in was lovely. A 3* building with an exterior that not only portrayed what I view as an extreme case of ‘wow’ (when a building displays architecture that could tell a story or is breath-taking) but was also surrounded by the most outstanding views I have seen outside a hotel.

Sunday took our journey to Bristol zoo. I’ll admit I was NOT looking forward to this (massive dislike for animals) but it turned out to be so much fun. There are loads to do at Bristol zoo I was really surprised. Plus the zoo homes the most EEEEENORMUS Gorilla I have ever seen….ever!!!!

Our journey back to Dorset took us through the most breath-taking scenic route. With the best company, fabulous music, my sweetie tin and views that pummeled deep into my body I was definitely thrown into a moment of euphoria.

Oh. my. days.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself….

Running a house…becoming a wife.
Cooking with my lovely better-half.

A few weeks ago my gorgeous fiance baked a creamy chicken pie. It was a recipe my man had seen Gino D’Acampo make so I was looking forward to trying it even more.

I have to tell you – I wasn’t disappointed!

The pie was filling, delicious, creamy and lemony. It had so much flavour to it, that gravy or a sauce wasn’t needed. I was so impressed, not only with the recipe, but with hubby-to-be’s cookery skills, so much so that I desperately want him to make it again (hint hint) It was gorgeous!!

For the recipe go to http://www.itv.com/food/recipes/chicken-and-vegetable-pie-lemon-zest


Images from Google and Avon Gorg website with thanks.

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Be the kind of woman……

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