End of an era =(







I’m expecting that there have been a vast amount of blog posts in the last week, all of which I suspect will most definitely share the heartache I feel at One Tree Hill ending.


It may be difficult for others who do not share my feelings to understand the sadness I currently have. But when you have grown up with something that has encouraged, inspired and supported you, you feel at a complete loss without it in your life.

One Tree Hill was, to me, my best friend. It was always the programme I played when I was down, or when I needed advice One Tree Hill was the inspiration I turned too. It was the programme that cheered me up and was most definitely the programme that encouraged me to believe in myself. So as I journeyed into my 20’s still watching One Tree Hill with the same devotion as always shown I never expected it could end. 

I feel slightly terrified facing my late 20’s without my best friend by my side.

Looking past the fabulous actors and actresses, the wonderful story-lines and the amazing moral consequences each episode of OTH presented, there was love, dreams; ambition, inspiration; family morals, guidance and endurance. I have written blogs, songs, composed pieces of music, drawn pictures, designed clothes, even made important life decisions based on this programme. Extreme some may say, but not for me. One Tree Hill was my best friend, at times it was the only friend I felt I had.

Thank you to the person/people who dared to dream the incredible life that is One Tree Hill. Thank you to the amazing actors and actresses who shared the same dream and who were willing to continue to represent such moralistic ways of living in their private lives. Thank you for being the wonderful, activist, inspirational people who are so very rare to find in a celebrity. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with people like me.

Thank you One Tree Hill for supporting me throughout my teens and early 20’s. There were many a times when I couldn’t have gotten through the day without you and your encouragement.

I will remember you always.

There is only One Tree Hill.



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  1. When Desperate Housewives finishes I am actually going to be beside myself!!!! Don’t get why everything is on a blimmin’ season break now tho, grr! x

  2. …and it’s your home.

    I perfectly understand you. I feel the same way about the show. In fact, I just don’t think of it as a show. It’s so much more than that. One Tree Hill always be our home.

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