Is it too late..

To follow your dreams??



Because the world, and everything in it, is yours.

Go for it.

Live the dream.


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Home….A Poem

Home is ‘where the heart is’
Home’s where I belong
Home is just for you and me
Home is where you are

I could travel north or south
Or east or west that’s sure
But always where my heart will lead
Is home as there you are

I don’t see home as bricks
Or cement, or stone, or water
Home is a foundation;
The love that keeps us together

Home is ‘where the heart is’
Home’s where I belong
Home is just for you and me
Home is where you are.

Written by hanandherattitude October 2011

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IBS – A pain in the ….. bowel!!

I laughed when the doctor diagnosed me with IBS at aged 19. I had very little symptoms and was still able to eat and drink whatever I liked (within reason) As far as I was concerned I had a random pain in my left side that occurred every now and again.

Fast forward 4 years and I pretty much have every symptom in the book (and believe me I have a book) Plus I now have the added factor that my symptoms can get so bad on some days they can affect how I am, and what I do. Although I have been only dealing with ‘cronic IBS’ for about 6 months, the changes I have had to make to my lifestyle have had to happen quickly and drastically. Here are my top tips for coping with IBS, aka what the doctor told me;


It is really important to know what is IBS and what isn’t. It is also really important to know what foods and drinks affect your IBS. To find out I would suggest keeping a food diary for about two weeks. However, the most common symptoms include…

* Pain in the abdomen, lower back, higher back, under the belly button and in you left and right sides
* Feeling sick after eating certain foods, drinking certain drinks or eating/drinking at all
* A constant bloating after every meal
* Heavy feeling in your stomach
* Being sick
* Feeling tired/extreme fatigue
* Dizziness
* Constipation, diarrhoea, pain passing stools

It is vital to understand that anything from anxiety and stress to excitement can affect your IBS and make it a lot worse. Practice regular breathing exercises to help reduce the chances of making yourself worse.

Foods and drinks to avoid (my personal experience)

* Spices (anything from Indian/Thai spices to Mexican)
* Caffeine (tea and coffee put me in agony)
* Anything heavy in starch, carbs or sugar (biccies, cakes, bread etc)
* Cereals
* Nuts
* Too much fruit or veg

What the doctor told me (and I am very happy to say he was spot on)

* Swap regular Tea for Peppermint Tea (this is my saviour…..I cannot make it through a day without it)
* Increase your intake of oats (and yes you can eat porridge but no flapjacks)
* Don’t eat too much fruit of veg 
* Fish oils (I take cod liver oil in tablet form as I hate fish)
* Reduce you food portion (I now eat 3 smaller meals a day with small snacks. The doctor said that eating a little portion of food every 3 hours or so is good for you…this has helped me a lot)
* Do regular exercise (I hate exercising but I walk for at least 25 minutes every day and have found this helps. Exercise also helps me to sleep)
* Water, water, water…’s good for you and it’s free (ish) A little fact for you…if you drink water with ice cubes in it you will burn off more calories.

So there you have it…my blog dedicated to the pain in my bowel…nice.

IBS is one of those illnesses/diseases that people disregard…unless you have it you don’t understand how much it affects your life. But finding out what triggers or worsens your IBS will really help you to live with this…don’t suffer in silence.


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A quick post….


I love them


I love her

And that dress………..



Pictures from Yahoo OMG with thanks.

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A letter to the 16-year-old me…..

To the 16-year-old me,

Flared jeans will always be fashionable. If you want to wear them every day…do so…but wear them with pride because they make you happy (and they look good)

Chicken fillets are NOT a good idea.

You will get the hang of tampons….one day.

It is ok to change the colour of your hair as often as your knickers but do it because you want to stand out, not because you want to fit in.

Do not get involved with groups of girls and especially stay away from those that mock you, torment you and expect you to change.
Definitely do not give them Christmas cards – they will only throw them back in your face.

The populars are popular because you made them that way.

Certain teachers want to help you – others want to intimidate you. Beware of those teachers, be inspired by the good ones.

Your parents may be on your back…but they love you – remember that!

That friend that you don’t talk to often enough – tell her that she is beautiful and that you will miss her everyday. 

Keep Singing – never give up on your dream.

Believe in God with your whole heart – even when everyone around you is mocking you for it. HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!!!

There is such a thing as ‘the one’ – he is out there, waiting for you; to kiss you in the rain, and to tell you that your hands ARE beautiful. Hold out for him…he is most definitely worth the wait!!

The world may seem to be crashing around you right now but have faith everything WILL work out in the end.

You are precious!

Be individual. Change for no-one.


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A rainy day playlist

10. Justin Timberlake – What goes around
9. Jason Mraz – Beautiful Mess 
8. Leon Jackson – Misty Blue
7. The script – I’m Yours
6. Jamie Cullum – What a difference a day made
5. Ne-yo – So you can cry
4. Britney Spears – Blur
3. Maroon Five – Secret
2. Robert Pattinson – Never Think
1. Katie Melua – Penguins and cats


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Two poems from the heart

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind”.
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Nights Dream.

A heart’s plea.

A heart deprived
a soul detached
forever waiting and
never matched.

Often intertwining
in passion-less flings
never leading to love
nor exchanging rings.

One simple wish
to be loved in return
never having to change
not having to earn.

To be wanted and needed
and respected with joy
to eventually find
the one, her boy. Her hope, her love
the one she dreamed of sent from above.
A heart once broken, a soul once lost
a compatible union softly melting the frost.

A proposal occurred
a few years down the line
a future for both
an investment of time.

A vows committment
is a heart’s final plea
to rescue its soul
joining in matrimony.

The marriage begins.

The binding of rings
entices forever
igniting a passion
securing two hearts.

Yet love will be lost
One year from now
as a marriage sets in
two people depart.

For forever to last
a committment to keep
with your mind not your eyes
seek what lies beneath.

Written by hanandherattitude May 2012

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