The activist strikes……….

Behold….the activist has come into play (okay so the word ‘activist’ is a bit on the dramatic side, class me more as an individual with passion who desperately wants to change the world and you’d be more on the right side of things) Here are a list of the charities who I am eager to help this year:

** As always Love146 remains my number one focus. After following and supporting the charity for over a year now, I am thrilled, of course, to hear the wonderful stories of children and young adults whom the charity have rescued from sexual slavery. Yet at the same time I am devastated to hear that there are sooo many children and young adults still being sold for sex; THIS MUST STOP!!!!!

Please, please, please check out this non-profit charity and the truly amazing work that it does.

** A newly found (as in I have only just come across this website) appeal provided by Breast This website not only encourages women (and men) to correctly check their breasts for lumps but their appeal also helps women in third world countries by allowing them to purchase bras. How it works: Instead of throwing away your old bra…donate it to BreastTalk who will then sell the bras per kilo to BCR Textiles. Not only do BCR Textiles donate £1 per kilo of bras to Breast Cancer Research but they also ship the bras to third world countries.

Keep an eye out for my up-and-coming breast and bra blog…it is going to be an uplifting experience (mind the pun)

** Lastly, but certainly not least, Rainbow Trust not only supports, cares for and educates children who are terminally ill, but they support, care for and educate the families of such children also. Take a look at their page for some amazing and inspirational stories.

If I have learnt one thing through following these three charities it is that no matter how small you think your voice is, you can make a difference to the lives of those who desperately need help. Whether donating money, a simple item such as a bra, or your time, there are many people out there who need your help.

If we made it our mission to all help one other person in the world, I truly believe the world will be a much happier place.

Together WE can make a difference.



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