Picture Frame

A picture frame.
Shine a light.
A picture; two people.

Look closely,
Smiles that reach each eye.
A future;

Look closer,
The light has gone.

Look closer,
A reflection;
Just one.

Written by hanandherattitude, July 2012.

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Quotetastic Friday

Saw this and had to repost….too true =D

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What I know

Do you ever get those days where you feel that you cannot remember who you are? Where you become so moulded into the environment you love, work, socialize and learn in, that you cannot remember your true personality, likes and passions? I have one of these days at least twice a month and it scares me. So today I sat down and made a list of what I do know about myself, hoping that next time I reach this stage, I can look over this blog and smile in remembrance of who I truly am.

What I don’t like

1. I do NOT like fish, whether cooked or alive.

2. I do NOT like the heat or the cold – somewhere in the middle is just right for me.

3. I do NOT like mushroom, cream or cheese sauce.

4. Sometimes food makes me gag.

5. I do NOT like being woken up and I do NOT like having to stay awake.

6. I do NOT like Cats…and yes that means kittens too…no matter how ‘cute’ or ‘cuddly’ they may seem.

7. I do NOT like how fear controls me sometimes.

What I do like

1. I like God, my hubby-to-be (a lot) my family and my friends.

2. I like getting lost in a book, movie or song.

3. I like wine and gin and Malibu and cocktails and rum and sours and…did I say wine?

4. I like nature; the sea, the trees, forests and lakes.

5. I like a good cry.

6. I like the number 7 and the number 14.

7. I like being inspired.

And a few other things

1. I often over-react and read too much into things.

2. I am compassionate – sometimes too much so.

3. I like to give an excuse …for pretty much everything, yet I’m not afraid to take the blame.

4. I enjoy beginnings….finishing often challenges me.

5. I can be selfish.

6. I enjoy planning and writing lists.

7. I have a need to be loved, not accepted, loved but I also have a lot of love to give.

….I’m a damn right weirdo aren’t I?


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Thoughts for the week: A change in perspective

I remember the very first time (plus a couple more trips) hubby-to-be took me to London….I hated it – you can ask him. I was miserable; no trees, no grass, no perfect blue sky; no silence, no peace and no clean air. London was too busy for me – even crossing the road or catching the tube made me fall apart on the inside and the out. Every early trip was counted down till our return back to the country/beach…I actually started to crave the smell of fresh air and horse poop.

But hubby-to-be persisted with me and I kept going. THE NIGHT was clearly a biiiig change in my opinion of London…..if hubby-to-be went to all that trouble to plan an amazing night (which turned out to be the best night ever) then London must not be so bad. That night H-T-B showed me the exciting side to London; the landmarks, the fame, the money, the swanky hotels, the West End (MEGA LUFF) the extortionate prices (we wont go there) and the big city at night. But H-T-B also introduced to me the opportunities London can hold for a person…..you can turn up in London as a nobody and with either hard work and dedication, become a somebody OR you can remain a nobody going about your daily life. London doesn’t care, London doesn’t force you to be somebody you don’t want to be.

London inspires. London provides more than enough inspiration to encourage a person to take a big leap. Every time I visit London (which believe me is nowhere near enough now I’ve grown to adore it) I feel this strange sense of security; I feel secure in myself to strive rather than fall apart.

But London also respects. London’s diversity embraces you as an individual. London doesn’t say ‘Hannah change your shoes’ or ‘Hannah don’t wear jeans and a hoody’ London says ‘Hannah, what are you going to do today?’

I embrace London and its emphasis on individuality and I always leave wanting more.

It is now of my opinion that you can either love London or hate it. But a change in perspective has made me feel that living in London and hating it is far less painful than being inspired by London – inspiration is often a dangerous and challenging thing – its like an aphrodisiac cocktail without the bad hangover and regret. But used in the right way and inspiration can be the driving force that makes you take that scary step.

for me, London (and yes I am still talking about the city) doesn’t make me realise that dreams can come true, it forces me to understand that I actually WANT my dreams to come true. It is amazing that one place can make a person achieve something, especially for me.

Who knows I may even be daring enough to move there one day. (I said ‘one day’ hubby-to-be lol)

Find what it is that inspires you and use that as your driving force to achieve your dreams. But above everything don’t change who you are – the world may or may not accept you but remain true to yourself regardless. The world is full of opportunities but if one doesn’t grab you have the confidence in yourself to make the opportunities that you want.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!


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Dieting … the Thai way

A few years ago hubby-to-be and I went to Thailand for 18 days. Although we stayed in a very delicious mansion and resort we wanted to experience as much of the Thai culture as possible.

The food was my biggest cultural challenge (hubby-to-be will eat almost anything so he was fine) not being a fish eater made my food choices limited, but what astounded me more was the type of meals Thai people eat during each day. A typical Thai breakfast consists of curry, potatoes and rice…..yes that is breakfast. For lunch you would either have meat and rice or meat and noodles. For dinner you could expect a different type of curry/thai dish. For the first four days of our trip I couldn’t stomach curry so early in the morning so I stuck to fruit. Hubby-to-be got stuck in however and ate whatever was placed in front of him whether fish eyes of raw egg soup.

On the fifth day of our trip I plucked up the courage and ate a Masaman curry – it was amazing and I managed to stomach it so early in the morning. From that day I never looked back. For the rest of our trip hubby-to-be and me just ate and ate; I was convinced I’d put on so much weight, but arriving home and weighing myself I found out otherwise…I’d lost pounds and a good few of them. Looking back over our trip I realised that, not once, had I come across a Thai man or woman who wasn’t stick thin. In doing some research it seems that the type of food (mainly containing spices) the Thai’s eat actually speeds up you metabolism. Combine that with the excessive heat and you are onto a winner.

So, as our English summer is due to arrive what better a time to start my new Thai diet. This morning’s breakfast consisted of rice, eggs, chicken, lemongrass, garlic, green peppers, onions and a little drizzle of lemon sauce. I only had a small bowl, as my sensitive stomach may well be in shock for 9.00am on a Saturday morning, but still I’ve done it….I can’t wait to see how many lbs I can lose this week. xOx

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A story of love

I have some extremely joyous news I want to share with you all. Today I received an email from my chosen charity Love146  with an inspiring story from a young girl named Anna.* Anna* ESCAPED from a life-threateningly dangerous situation because of the educational tools provided by Love146, informing her about the signs of child trafficking. Anna wrote….

“My name is Anna, and I’m studying in 9th grade. I live only with my father but our relationship is very strained because of his frequent drunken feasts that are happening right here at home. I was compelled to hide away all my stuff, because otherwise he just sells it. Once, he came to me with a tempting offer – to travel abroad for work so I can earn some money and start my own life, he said. To work there it was not needed to know the language or job skills. I was close to agreeing to that. A week after his proposal, Natalia came to our school from a visiting team. She told us about the phenomenon of human trafficking and the dangers that beset young girls abroad.

After a lecture she gifted us with nice ESCAPE magazines. After reading ESCAPE and hearing the advice of Natalia, I realized that my father’s proposal was a real trap. He continued to insist and even found people who could pay for everything. But I refused to go abroad. And I think this was the smartest decision in my life. It is still difficult to live.

But I’m free.”

…and there are so many more young children and teenagers from across the world who are finally being provided the freedom and childhood that they deserve. BUT there are still hundreds and thousands of young children and teenagers who are still being sold into sexual slavery. This is why charities like Love146 are incredible; this is also why helping such charities is so important.

Thank yous are no where near enough….but thank you, thank you, thank you Love146 and to all of those who care, support; challenge, rescue and donate.



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Rustic cooking with Han

I haven’t posted a recipe for a while now so thought I would share a quick favourite of mine.

1. Caramalise circles (or however you prefer your onions chopped, sliced, diced etc) of red onion in a pan of two blobs (about a tea-spoon) of butter. My trick for perfect caramalised onions is to slowly heat the onions up in the pan rather than pre-heating the pan. It is common for onions to be caramalised in sugar but for me the red onion and butter combination is sweet enough.

2. Once your onions are looking a lot softer and sticky, add two rashes of chopped bacon and fry.
(To keep the calories down here I chose not to add any more butter or oil. If your pan needs it then add a tiny little bit but the bacon fat and butter should be enough)

3. Once the bacon is looking how you like it add some pre-whisked egg and milk (one egg, splash of milk) This will create an omlete-type look in your pan. If you want to create an omlete keep your food in a circle/half-circle shape and cook as needed. For me I wanted a more rustic, scrambled-egg effect so with a fork I constantly mixed the food around in the pan.

4. Just before serving add a small amount of diced brie cheese. This gives a lot of flavour and, once melted, binds all the ingredients together for an even yummier taste.

5. Serve, eat and enjoy (leaving the pan to cool in the ‘soaking pile’)

I know this may not look great but believe me my rustic brie, bacon and caramalised onion egg is DEVINE!!

Why not post your favourite egg-dishes in the comment box below. I would be grateful as I’m taking on the ‘egg-celent breakfast challenge’ this week.

Bon Appetite xOx

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A topic for debate

My Auntie shared this status update from the UK’s number 1 morning programme “This morning”

One town’s mayor in Germany has decided that some parking spaces are just too tough for ladies – and has marked them as men only parking spaces. Does the controversial mayor have a point or is this an example of male pig-headedness?

Now at a first glance I laughed at this. “Brilliant” I thought. “I can’t park for toffee…more space would do me the world of good.” But then I was like “hay isn’t this a bit sexist?”

I am an individual who is all about equality; I agree that men and women should be paid the same, should be allowed to have the same careers and should even pay the same amount of car insurance (sorry ladies) BUT should we make a stand if something as trivial as ‘parking issues’ become sexist? My opinion is that Germany’s plan should boil down to personal perception of whether you as an individual can park. I don’t think that bigger parking spaces should be available to just women or that your average parking space should be classed as ‘men only’ but that like everything in life we should have the individual right and choice to park wherever we can and want.

What do you think?

I’d be interested to know other opinions on this topic and the topic of gender equality. Comment your response below.


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The legend that is….

“Before you judge me, try hard to love me”
                                                 ~Michael Jackson

Images from Googe images with thanks.

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