A story of love

I have some extremely joyous news I want to share with you all. Today I received an email from my chosen charity Love146  with an inspiring story from a young girl named Anna.* Anna* ESCAPED from a life-threateningly dangerous situation because of the educational tools provided by Love146, informing her about the signs of child trafficking. Anna wrote….

“My name is Anna, and I’m studying in 9th grade. I live only with my father but our relationship is very strained because of his frequent drunken feasts that are happening right here at home. I was compelled to hide away all my stuff, because otherwise he just sells it. Once, he came to me with a tempting offer – to travel abroad for work so I can earn some money and start my own life, he said. To work there it was not needed to know the language or job skills. I was close to agreeing to that. A week after his proposal, Natalia came to our school from a visiting team. She told us about the phenomenon of human trafficking and the dangers that beset young girls abroad.

After a lecture she gifted us with nice ESCAPE magazines. After reading ESCAPE and hearing the advice of Natalia, I realized that my father’s proposal was a real trap. He continued to insist and even found people who could pay for everything. But I refused to go abroad. And I think this was the smartest decision in my life. It is still difficult to live.

But I’m free.”

…and there are so many more young children and teenagers from across the world who are finally being provided the freedom and childhood that they deserve. BUT there are still hundreds and thousands of young children and teenagers who are still being sold into sexual slavery. This is why charities like Love146 are incredible; this is also why helping such charities is so important.

Thank yous are no where near enough….but thank you, thank you, thank you Love146 and to all of those who care, support; challenge, rescue and donate.



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