Dieting … the Thai way

A few years ago hubby-to-be and I went to Thailand for 18 days. Although we stayed in a very delicious mansion and resort we wanted to experience as much of the Thai culture as possible.

The food was my biggest cultural challenge (hubby-to-be will eat almost anything so he was fine) not being a fish eater made my food choices limited, but what astounded me more was the type of meals Thai people eat during each day. A typical Thai breakfast consists of curry, potatoes and rice…..yes that is breakfast. For lunch you would either have meat and rice or meat and noodles. For dinner you could expect a different type of curry/thai dish. For the first four days of our trip I couldn’t stomach curry so early in the morning so I stuck to fruit. Hubby-to-be got stuck in however and ate whatever was placed in front of him whether fish eyes of raw egg soup.

On the fifth day of our trip I plucked up the courage and ate a Masaman curry – it was amazing and I managed to stomach it so early in the morning. From that day I never looked back. For the rest of our trip hubby-to-be and me just ate and ate; I was convinced I’d put on so much weight, but arriving home and weighing myself I found out otherwise…I’d lost pounds and a good few of them. Looking back over our trip I realised that, not once, had I come across a Thai man or woman who wasn’t stick thin. In doing some research it seems that the type of food (mainly containing spices) the Thai’s eat actually speeds up you metabolism. Combine that with the excessive heat and you are onto a winner.

So, as our English summer is due to arrive what better a time to start my new Thai diet. This morning’s breakfast consisted of rice, eggs, chicken, lemongrass, garlic, green peppers, onions and a little drizzle of lemon sauce. I only had a small bowl, as my sensitive stomach may well be in shock for 9.00am on a Saturday morning, but still I’ve done it….I can’t wait to see how many lbs I can lose this week. xOx

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