An interesting insight to love……
….enjoy xOx


Remember when I used to post in a timely manner? Haaaa, memories. Really, to the nearly 80,000 regular readers out there, I apologize for taking a month off; I had to go wash my hair. All right, let’s see if I still know how to do this.

hiiasnao .. oaswepq9 93

Nope, let’s try again.

You read the title correctly. On an average day, love doesn’t really belong in the Trivia folder of life’s filing cabinet, but I want you to think about it differently while I’ve got this light grasp on your miserably short attention span. First of all, I don’t care what love means to you. You could view it as a reusable coupon into a lady’s passion canal. Maybe to you, love is believing in the same god(s). It could mean having someone 100% loyal to your desires (emotional slavery). And what about the assmunches who quantify…

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