Single Girl Saturday

“Only when you let go can life really grab you”

Picture the scene: it’s freezing cold outside, there remains of yesterday’s snow are dusting the fields, you are curled up on the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot water bottle, a cup of something hot and some delicious food. All you need is a movie and a man to make this perfect…right?


Tonight this single girl battled against the ‘couples movie night in’ and did all of the above….WITHOUT.A.GUY!!!

And I had a reallly awesome time.

I had already planned a night in on my own as I had some work to catch up on. However, said movie started playing in the background and it caught my attention. I gave in, grabbed some comfort food, curled up and watched it. It was just the right kind of film I not only wanted, but needed.

“Because I Said So”

Because I Said So

This film (and the soundtrack, which I’ve just found out is for sale – hence the picture above – eeek) gave me hope, made me cry, made me laugh and filled my heart with warmth. Yes it was a romcom and we all know “how much us single girls rely on our romcoms” BUT for someone who has been very nervous around the ‘L’ word it was nice to feel that warm-fuzzy feeling again.

I feel proud of myself tonight. I’m proud that I allowed myself to release some emotion for a start. I’m proud that I gave in and watched a movie on my own. But most of all I am proud that I was actually comfortable with my own company and my situation….all in all this was a good night.

I have to be honest with you though, my night was entirely ‘man free’ Gabriel Macht (more commonly known for his role in American Law Drama ‘Suits’) starred in this movie and boy is he LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’d defo be happy to spend a night with him….ssshhheeessshhhh)


If the picture isn’t enough take a look at the trailer below……………

…………see what I mean?! **wink** **wink** This single girl is off to bed with a smile on her face (and very flustered cheecks)

Single Life – 0
Single Girl – 1

Night all.



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