Rustic cooking with Han

I haven’t posted a recipe for a while now so thought I would share a quick favourite of mine.

1. Caramalise circles (or however you prefer your onions chopped, sliced, diced etc) of red onion in a pan of two blobs (about a tea-spoon) of butter. My trick for perfect caramalised onions is to slowly heat the onions up in the pan rather than pre-heating the pan. It is common for onions to be caramalised in sugar but for me the red onion and butter combination is sweet enough.

2. Once your onions are looking a lot softer and sticky, add two rashes of chopped bacon and fry.
(To keep the calories down here I chose not to add any more butter or oil. If your pan needs it then add a tiny little bit but the bacon fat and butter should be enough)

3. Once the bacon is looking how you like it add some pre-whisked egg and milk (one egg, splash of milk) This will create an omlete-type look in your pan. If you want to create an omlete keep your food in a circle/half-circle shape and cook as needed. For me I wanted a more rustic, scrambled-egg effect so with a fork I constantly mixed the food around in the pan.

4. Just before serving add a small amount of diced brie cheese. This gives a lot of flavour and, once melted, binds all the ingredients together for an even yummier taste.

5. Serve, eat and enjoy (leaving the pan to cool in the ‘soaking pile’)

I know this may not look great but believe me my rustic brie, bacon and caramalised onion egg is DEVINE!!

Why not post your favourite egg-dishes in the comment box below. I would be grateful as I’m taking on the ‘egg-celent breakfast challenge’ this week.

Bon Appetite xOx

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