tHiNgS tUeSdAy


tUeSdAyS now belong to alllllll tHiNgS ME!
This week I am going to mention a few tHiNgS as I haven’t posted for a while but after this week expect a post dedicated to one tHiNg ME

tHiNgS I am proud of 
With a girls holiday fast approaching it was time to give myself a kick up the bum and get back into training. With my desired bikini body (Cheryl Cole of course) shoved in my face every day I’m really trying hard to real my goal. My start wasn’t great I’ll be honest, opting for ‘cheats’ here and there and everywhere. However, so far this week I’ve really bashed it out and have stuck to my plan. Today was especially difficult on the hunger side of things (especially still having LENT to contend with) but having looked in the mirror tonight and not having to see my bloated tummy makes me feel really proud of myself for pushing through the pain.

Bring on tomorrow’s body obliteration I say!!!!!!!

tHiNgS I had forgotten
Peppermint Tea is soooooooo freakin awesome – I have always loved this stuff and cannot remember what was going through my mind to make me stop drinking it! Well looking forward to making my Peppermint iced-Tea/Peppermint Tea cocktails once Spring officially hits.

tHiNgS I am learning
Ok brace yourself for this one: I have recently learnt that…..I can actually be patient. I know it’s unbelievable right?!
Reacting in the heat of the moment has often been my forte but I now know that it never solves anything – it usually makes things worse. However, over the last month or so I’ve really learnt how to take a step back from a situation. Learning this has made me realise that certain situations aren’t as bad as they seem after a night or two’s sleep. Plus, with the initial anger removed I can focus on what I want to do and can then make a decision on how to react. A hard lesson to learn this one but I think I may have finally got it – HOOOORRRAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

tHinGs I am excited about
The most freaking, rad and totes awesome legend that is Mr Justin Timberlake released his MUCH AWAITED AND LONGED FOR album today and I was righht out there to grab my copy!! It is more epic than I could have imagined and wanted and I am soooooo excited to make some memories to his fudging sweeeet music!!


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Morning Glory Monday

**New Blog Feature Alert**

I wanted to shake up my blog posts and thought that, especially after the heaviness of Sermon Sundays, Mondays required something different. So I’ve dedicated Mondays to the glory of the mornings…..

……each week I am going to post the first thought I have when I awake. I’m putting myself totally on the line for you, my readers, as I’ve got a feeling one day soon I’m going to think of something un-p c. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Thankfully my first Morning Glory Monday isn’t too bad: as I woke at 3.48am I thought “I am going to be sick, stupid fecking teabags.”

Like a stupid fool I drank caffeinated tea (caffeine allergies people) and as a result I am suffering from it! Luckily I managed to calm down my anxiety attack fairly reasonably (usually I turn unto a headless chicken awaking everyone and causing drama as I meltdown) and unusually quietly.

Still, had I not been lazy yesterday (making a mental note to follow my own advice from Sermon Sunday) I wouldn’t be in this situation today.

Lesson learnt (I hope) and on with the day.

I’d be really interested to know of your first thoughts this morning–go on be daring and share in the comment box below.

Have a good day y’all.


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Sermon Sunday: A Few Words


Sometimes you have to let a person go, in order to get them back.
Sometimes you have to give up on one dream, in order to pursue another.

Sometimes you have to take a step back, in order to take a step forward.
Sometime you have to hit rock bottom, in order to survive again.

Sometimes you have to just wait, in order to make decisions.
Sometimes you have to make decisions, in order to just wait.

Sometimes you have to be blinded, in order to make you see.
Sometimes you have to be deaf, in order for you to hear.

Sometimes you have to grow up, even though you are young.
Sometimes you have to remember your age, even whilst you grow up.

Sometimes you must have your heart crushed, in order for you to feel love.
Sometimes you have to feel love, in order to feel pain.

Sometimes plans wont work out, in order for you to learn.
Sometimes you have to learn before you get things right.

Sometimes bad people are a part of your life.
Sometimes good people aren’t.

Sometimes life is too hard to cope.
Sometimes coping is all you cando.

The ‘sometimes’ in life make up each and every one of us. Yet if we take a moment to dwell upon these ‘sometimes’ we know that at some point, they will pass. This should guide us to remember that, when bad things happen – they will soon be over and when good things occur we should appreciate them whilst we can.

Life is a journey, it comes in cycles and paths, peaks and troughs. But everything happens for a reason…even if we don’t understand it sometimes.

Written by hanandherattitude, January 2013.

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The Christmas period is a time were we join with family and friends to celebrate being loved, happy and together. But it is also a time were we can reflect back on the year about to pass.

For those of you that know me well you have already witnessed that this has been a tough year for me. I’ve lost love, friendships, family members, jobs, houses and myself. What started out as a year of love, hope and happiness quickly turned into months of endless tears, stress, drunken nights and meltdowns. However, it would be incorrect of me to say that the year is ending in a negative way, because it isn’t. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons this year, about others but more importantly about myself, and with a change of perspective and endless amounts of support I feel more positive about the New Year than any year before.

I am going into the New Year knowing that:

1. I have the best family ever.

My family have been the most supportive people around me. I have needed them like never before and they haven’t let me down. Their support has stretched far beyond the moon and back ranging from finanical help to holding me when I broke down. I would not be here today if it wasnt for my family. They have gotten me through some of the darkest times I’ve ever experiences just by being them. I love my family more than anything in the world and appreciate their love and support more than they will ever know. I am one lucky girl to have them in my life.

2. I have all the people around me that I want in my life.

I am a person who takes family and friendship very seriously…I like to have a close circle of family and friends with whom I can entrust my life. I like and expect these people to keep confidences and be loyal because that is what I give to them. But I’ve realised that not everybody views such bonds the same as me.

For someone who didn’t have many friends through her child-teen years I can now see that I often hold friendships a little too tightly. When other people want to join in the circle I become jealous and, at a fear for myself, I push my friends away. I’ve also noticed this year that not everyone who classes themselves as a friend truly means it; I’ve witnessed people betraying my confidence, spreading rumours and manipulating me. I’ve seen friends change and grow for the better and I’ve seen friends show their true colours.

Several friendships have broken this year, some through no fault of my own but others because I’ve pushed them away. It is true when they say ‘you find out who your real friends are when you go through a bad patch.’ But in taking a long hard look at my friends I’ve decided I don’t need or want certain people in my life anymore.

I don’t want to be friends with the person who lies, who uses me to mock and laugh at. I don’t want to be friends with the person who takes me for granted or the person who spreads rumours. And I most certainly do not want to be friends with the person whose selfishness and spitefullness recently caused pain to my family, her family and myself.

Even after such a tough year I still believe that friendship is important…even more so now. Moving forward I know that I now have, not so much a circle of true friends but more like a doughnut. The jam on the inside of the doughnut are those who I class as my dearest friends, the ones who are there throughout anything, the ones who aren’t afraid to kick me up the bum when I need it, but most importantly these people are the kind of friends that I would be lost without. You are small in number but are so important to me and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

And to those friends who make me smile and laugh and make each day that little bit easier to get through, I am thrilled to have you as my yummy doughnut.

Everyone deserves a second chance in my eyes but for those of who will not be moving forward with me good luck in your lives but good riddance!!!!

3. Don’t know who I am.

On the one hand being completely lost is a terrifying thing, but on the other it is mega exciting. I feel that I’ve lived  my life as a person who was in the shadow of others and as someone who defined themself as others wanted me to be.  Well not anymore people!! In not knowing who I am I know I have so much to learn and so much to experience. I have made a plan to do as much as I can next year…I am going to finally live out some of my longest dreams, and I am also going to tackle new experiences. I know I need to find myself and I’m expecting the bumps in the road, but I’ve changed my perspective and am going to take on this adventure regardless of outside opinions and the possibility that things may go wrong. Here is to a year full of adventure, excitement, journeys, new beginnings and lessons – I cannot wait to get started!

4. Am without a Romeo.

I’ve left this one till last because this is the one were things are still a little raw. I split from someone this year; the person who I believed with my whole heart was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was devastated and our break-up turned my whole world upside down. Together, we had plans made for next year and to face a future without him broke my heart more than I could ever have imagined. But….I’ve learnt that not everything works out as we may want and am trying to focus on possible positives that this split could bring.

I’ve been taught a lot about men and about love over the last year…my opinions on certain things have changed and my thoughts about the possibility of a future relationship have changed for the better. Men are complicated creatures and I’ve learnt that they do not view love, feelings and emotions in the same way that women do. This may be something I should have known from birth but in knowing this now I feel that I can move forward. The downside to knowing that men are more relaxed when it comes to the ‘l’ word is the worry that they don’t feel for you as much as you feel for them.

However, with everything that has happened this year I have decided to allow myself time to properly heal. This doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the charms from guys, if they want to buy me a drink they can buy me a drink, but what it does mean is that I’m holding off on a relationship until I feel the time, and the person is right. I don’t know whether anyone will ever be able to fill the massive hole that is currently in my heart but I do know that I am not going to be afraid of loving again, if the right person comes along.

I want to get to the place were I am so happy and comfortable within myself and my life so that if the time is right, letting a guy back into my life with add to the happiness, not give it.

I could have ended this year as miserable as I’ve been over the past few months but through faith, the support of my family and my dearest friends; the tough lessons learnt and the possibilities 2013 will bring, I feel positive and safe. I am moving forward with the right people in my life, I am moving forward with the best lessons learnt, I am moving forward with the aim to explore who I am but most of all I AM MOVING FORWARD!!!!
To my family and friends..thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year…..I could not have gotten through without you all!!!

To that guy……….thank you for loving me for as long as you did – I truly believe our love was real and I will never forget you.

I wish each and everyone of you, around me, and reading this blog, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope and pray that you all have the best year of your lives.



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Lessons Found In The Tranquilty Of The Obvious

Bonfire night is my ultimate favourite night of the year! As autumn’s slightly chilled breeze whips my face and the warm, awe-inspiring fireworks light up the sky, enough for me to see my treacle toffee, standing with my loved one all wrapped up and cosy allows the world and its worries to explode with the fireworks – what is there not to like about this night? 

Yet as I watch this wonderful display unfold before me I am conscious that despite their beautiful colours, their fantastic sound and the familiar, comforting smell they release – fireworks are indeed very dangerous and have dramatic consequences upon our o-zone layer.

How can something so beautiful be so damaging at the same time? 

It was this thought that brought me to a stop: no longer am I fascinated by the firework display that I treasure so much, but my attention now turns to the guilt that I feel. How could I, as a human being and a lover of this wonderful planet, engage and encourage the release of something that could cause damage to our lovely earth? The more I think about this the more I thought I was about to become a raging activist (for those who don’t know me I am usually all for the rights of humans rather than the environment so this would have been a complete shock) but it has since emerged that this was not the lesson to be learnt; in fact other than giving me a kick up the bum to start respecting the world more, the lesson I actually needed to learn wasn’t anything to do with the environment at all. 

I used to have this amazing yet slightly annoying gift that forced me to see the good and the beauty in everything. I have realised very recently though that my focus is starting to drift more and more onto the negative. Such negativity is causing me to fear and is ultimately stopping me from truely living.

This is something I have to change!!

Just as I stand watching the fireworks I see their beauty, but I focus on their danger – this should be the other way around. There may be injustice, hatred and anger in the world, but there is also so much beauty – in fact there is loads of it – you just have to look! So from now on I say this; lets stop focusing on the negative – evil is out there so be aware but remember so is goodness in its beautiful form. Goodness will always win over evil, so as the positive stares you in the face – embrace it and respect it!

Thank you fireworks, you beautiful explosives, for a lesson found in the tranquility of the obvious =D

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Halloween: Based On A True Story

Mexico City, the scene of our set
Where we tell a story of the angel of death
Appearing where a man, N.A, was found
Strangled and forced to his death he was bound
Found face down on a local hotel bed
Unconscious with a belt wrapped around his neck
His hands tied behind him
His body clearly struck
Could we say he tripped and
That he had bad luck.
But no, a crime, a crime, of course
Where in cold-blood broken was the law
A man’s life was taken
A family now mourn
Watch out for this evil
Because it was born

Read more:

As you celebrate the night where ‘evil reigns’ remember; evil clearly exists outside our front doors.
Be safe all, be safe.


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Thoughts For The Day

Some days I just cannot get anything productive done. It isn’t because I am lacking the motivation to do certain things but is more a lack of actual ability to write, act, do or say anything of any worth. Today is one of those days. I guess this is a precise reason why I would class myself as a creative – I cannot function if I have that burning desire to sing or write or play the piano. That burning creative desire takes over my being – it is almost like life doesn’t carry on until I have released the creativeness that I need too. This is why I am sat on my patio step, drinking a lovely cuppa (and dunking a Jammie dodger) whilst looking at the wonderful blue sky – after all you cannot be creative if you don’t have any inspiration. The sky tonight looks great – so do the clouds. Everything about the sky tonight is screaming freedom at me. How I wish, wish, wish I could be up there soaring through the clouds feeling the breeze on my face.

It is skies like tonight that capture what I imagine heaven to be like. I imagine heaven as taking the very best of something amazing and making it 10, 000, 000 times better. Like taking all of your problems, taking all of the troubles that occur in the world and making them 10, 000, 000 times smaller – so small that you cannot see or feel them. Skies like tonight reminds me of what it means to be free – free from a world of selfishness and unkindness.

Free – beautiful, wonderful free =D


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