tHiNgS tUeSdAy


tUeSdAyS now belong to alllllll tHiNgS ME!
This week I am going to mention a few tHiNgS as I haven’t posted for a while but after this week expect a post dedicated to one tHiNg ME

tHiNgS I am proud of 
With a girls holiday fast approaching it was time to give myself a kick up the bum and get back into training. With my desired bikini body (Cheryl Cole of course) shoved in my face every day I’m really trying hard to real my goal. My start wasn’t great I’ll be honest, opting for ‘cheats’ here and there and everywhere. However, so far this week I’ve really bashed it out and have stuck to my plan. Today was especially difficult on the hunger side of things (especially still having LENT to contend with) but having looked in the mirror tonight and not having to see my bloated tummy makes me feel really proud of myself for pushing through the pain.

Bring on tomorrow’s body obliteration I say!!!!!!!

tHiNgS I had forgotten
Peppermint Tea is soooooooo freakin awesome – I have always loved this stuff and cannot remember what was going through my mind to make me stop drinking it! Well looking forward to making my Peppermint iced-Tea/Peppermint Tea cocktails once Spring officially hits.

tHiNgS I am learning
Ok brace yourself for this one: I have recently learnt that…..I can actually be patient. I know it’s unbelievable right?!
Reacting in the heat of the moment has often been my forte but I now know that it never solves anything – it usually makes things worse. However, over the last month or so I’ve really learnt how to take a step back from a situation. Learning this has made me realise that certain situations aren’t as bad as they seem after a night or two’s sleep. Plus, with the initial anger removed I can focus on what I want to do and can then make a decision on how to react. A hard lesson to learn this one but I think I may have finally got it – HOOOORRRAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

tHinGs I am excited about
The most freaking, rad and totes awesome legend that is Mr Justin Timberlake released his MUCH AWAITED AND LONGED FOR album today and I was righht out there to grab my copy!! It is more epic than I could have imagined and wanted and I am soooooo excited to make some memories to his fudging sweeeet music!!


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A letter to the 16-year-old me…..

To the 16-year-old me,

Flared jeans will always be fashionable. If you want to wear them every day…do so…but wear them with pride because they make you happy (and they look good)

Chicken fillets are NOT a good idea.

You will get the hang of tampons….one day.

It is ok to change the colour of your hair as often as your knickers but do it because you want to stand out, not because you want to fit in.

Do not get involved with groups of girls and especially stay away from those that mock you, torment you and expect you to change.
Definitely do not give them Christmas cards – they will only throw them back in your face.

The populars are popular because you made them that way.

Certain teachers want to help you – others want to intimidate you. Beware of those teachers, be inspired by the good ones.

Your parents may be on your back…but they love you – remember that!

That friend that you don’t talk to often enough – tell her that she is beautiful and that you will miss her everyday. 

Keep Singing – never give up on your dream.

Believe in God with your whole heart – even when everyone around you is mocking you for it. HE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!!!

There is such a thing as ‘the one’ – he is out there, waiting for you; to kiss you in the rain, and to tell you that your hands ARE beautiful. Hold out for him…he is most definitely worth the wait!!

The world may seem to be crashing around you right now but have faith everything WILL work out in the end.

You are precious!

Be individual. Change for no-one.


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Fiction not fact but I want the latter…A poem

Time is patient, time is the key
But time so often suffocates me
Time is a healer, this part is true
But I wish, how I wish, that we could meet you.

I know it’s not about ‘you’ or ‘me’
But ‘us’ I must consider
All of my actions will guarantee
That our future brings ‘us’ all together.

Time is precious, time we can see
Time shows you as ‘our’ destiny
Time can be for granted, this I know well
But I promise that in time, to you I will tell.

Patient I will try, I will try to be
But I cannot promise to surrender
Until you are here and ‘us’ becomes ‘we’
I will continue to dream of you forever!

“And when i see you
I really see you upside down
But my brain knows better
It picks you up and turns you around
Turns you around, turns you around”

Lyrics by Death Cab For Cutie – A Lack of Color~
Poem written by hanandherattitude – March 2012


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**Thoughts For The Week**

I hate lessons that have to be learnt the hard way, but then, if lessons were easy to learn – they wouldn’t be lessons right?!

I have got a bug. No! Not A bug. THE bug! The performing bug. I just blinking knew it would return to haunt me at some point in my life and here it is right at the time I least expected I would need it….

During the last few months I have found myself re-living insecurities, forcing myself into situations I am very uncomfortable with; attempting to second guess the feelings and emotions of others and facing a demon which has troubled me for many years. All of which catapulted at me within the space of one classroom, during one lesson. The question is not how I could have let this happen…again, but rather, what am I, as a teacher, going to do about it? Eeeek!!

Racking my brains for professional ways to get a point across to my pupils, without them further intimidating me or their peers, is very challenging. Lining them all up against a wall and screaming “BULLYING IS NOT OK” is the best idea I have come up with so far.

This evening I sat with a cuppa in one hand and my wonderful iPod in my ears. I sat with no background noise and just focused on the music each song would play; on the words that would enter my mind in such a striking sense. It is funny how a song, one simple song, can transport you to a different place. How one song can envelop your whole being, making emotions surge through you body faster than the blood pumps around you. Tonight I was taken back to times when I was low; unhappy. Times where I couldn’t escape the intimidation and humiliation that I would face just by waking up each morning. I felt sick to my stomach remembering those times. And yet in the painful memories I remembered what pulled me through….faith, music, dance and drama. As much of a pain in the ass being a wanna-be-performer was to myself and those around me, I got through some of the hardest times of my teenage years by getting on that stage. 

As an adult, and especially as a teacher, I find it utterly heart-breaking watching pupils bully and intimidate their peers; more so than the bullying I was a victim of. At 16 I finally realised that this kind of behaviour was not acceptable in my life – that it was not acceptable full stop! It is my mission to teach every pupil of mine about equality – about being who you truly are despite what others think of you. But what do you do when you aren’t getting through? I do what I always do….I run to the stage.

Performing is my therapy; it is my way of dealing with life’s challenges. Whether that be part of a group, on a stage or in front of my own mirror…..performing is my escape. If I can channel all my anger and my emotions into one bundle of adrenalin, then I know I can perform to the best of my ability. Once I have performed I feel so elated that the anger I previously felt, doesn’t seem as bad. Whether I am teaching Drama or English, Maths or Science I aim to encourage all of my pupils to focus on their task, rather than what their peers or I think. Easier said then done I know but the basic implications that they have the right to be individual – to be themselves -speaks wonders for them and for their work.

Facing the issue of bullying once again in my adult life is something I have desperately wanted to avoid. This time around I may not be the victim of bullying but I am baring witness to such acts. Bullying is NOT ok people!!! As much as my peers or my pupils may hate me I will continue to enforce this – BULLYING IS NOT OK!! 

Thankfully my performing bug has returned and not only to help me but to help my pupils also. I want to encourage and inspire my students through the issues that they are facing in life but most of all, I want my pupils to realise that being different is ok – being different is beautiful.

Life is difficult…we are all very aware of this but finding something or someone to help you through its challenges, makes your journey that little bit less daunting. Performing may not be your option but something will be. Whatever or however you choose to fight through life’s barriers remember – you are beautiful in every way. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  


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