Single Girl Saturday

“Only when you let go can life really grab you”

Picture the scene: it’s freezing cold outside, there remains of yesterday’s snow are dusting the fields, you are curled up on the sofa with a warm blanket, a hot water bottle, a cup of something hot and some delicious food. All you need is a movie and a man to make this perfect…right?


Tonight this single girl battled against the ‘couples movie night in’ and did all of the above….WITHOUT.A.GUY!!!

And I had a reallly awesome time.

I had already planned a night in on my own as I had some work to catch up on. However, said movie started playing in the background and it caught my attention. I gave in, grabbed some comfort food, curled up and watched it. It was just the right kind of film I not only wanted, but needed.

“Because I Said So”

Because I Said So

This film (and the soundtrack, which I’ve just found out is for sale – hence the picture above – eeek) gave me hope, made me cry, made me laugh and filled my heart with warmth. Yes it was a romcom and we all know “how much us single girls rely on our romcoms” BUT for someone who has been very nervous around the ‘L’ word it was nice to feel that warm-fuzzy feeling again.

I feel proud of myself tonight. I’m proud that I allowed myself to release some emotion for a start. I’m proud that I gave in and watched a movie on my own. But most of all I am proud that I was actually comfortable with my own company and my situation….all in all this was a good night.

I have to be honest with you though, my night was entirely ‘man free’ Gabriel Macht (more commonly known for his role in American Law Drama ‘Suits’) starred in this movie and boy is he LUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’d defo be happy to spend a night with him….ssshhheeessshhhh)


If the picture isn’t enough take a look at the trailer below……………

…………see what I mean?! **wink** **wink** This single girl is off to bed with a smile on her face (and very flustered cheecks)

Single Life – 0
Single Girl – 1

Night all.



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I haven’t blogged a huge amount over the past few weeks so thought I would produce a combined blog of what I have been up to…

…….Of The Week

Rise of the planet of the apes.

At first I saw Apes/monkeys (whatever) as just animals that are sort of human-like. Then I began to feel sorry for apes, especially those that are confined in small spaces and are mistreated. I then decided that apes are actually more intelligent than we give them credit for and now I’m slightly terrified of them =(

Brilliant movie!

40 days and 40 nights

I’VE DONE IT!!!!!!!!

6 weeks of no food-related over-indulgence (aka sweets, biscuits and cake)

It has been a rollercoaster and I’m not saying this for the sake of an easy cliché, I truly mean it. There have been times when I wanted nothing more than a delicious piece of carrot cake. Then there have been times when I felt like I needed to eat some comfort food. But no matter the situation I managed to do it!

Easter Sunday arrived and I was filled with excitement at the thought of eating my long-lost comfort food. I had a tin of sweets, a packet of digestive biccies and a big bag of skittles at the ready. For breakfast I devoured a vanilla pastry and it was soooo good. I then moved onto consume 2 lollipops, one digestive biccie, some malteesers, and a handful of skittles. I was surprised by the little amount I had wanted to eat. As the evening drew to a close I sat with all my sweets and biscuits at my side but I felt like I had eaten enough – I didn’t want any more. Still, as I am writing this, these delectable goodies are staring me in the face and I have no desire to eat any of them.

I am really pleased with this outcome as I was worried I would fall back into an old habit of binge eating, especially after giving them up for 6 weeks. Now I know that I can control what and how much I eat I feel so much better about myself. Plus I have the added bonus of having lost 4lbs since I started lent and I have to say I feel a lot healthier and a lot less bloated.

The main lesson I have learnt through this experience is the lesson of self-discipline. Now I know I can give up and control the amount of crappy food I eat, I know that with the same determination I can cut out or even take on other things to benefit my life. So with this in mind I have set myself a new challenge….exercise for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks.

For a person who hates exercise this is going to be tricky but I’m excited to embrace the challenge and am definitely looking forward to the outcome.

How was lent for you? 

Adventures in our wonderful country

It should be quite clear by now how much I love exploring our wonderful country so when hubby-to-be and I went on a random adventure to Bristol I was uber excited.

The hotel we stayed in was lovely. A 3* building with an exterior that not only portrayed what I view as an extreme case of ‘wow’ (when a building displays architecture that could tell a story or is breath-taking) but was also surrounded by the most outstanding views I have seen outside a hotel.

Sunday took our journey to Bristol zoo. I’ll admit I was NOT looking forward to this (massive dislike for animals) but it turned out to be so much fun. There are loads to do at Bristol zoo I was really surprised. Plus the zoo homes the most EEEEENORMUS Gorilla I have ever seen….ever!!!!

Our journey back to Dorset took us through the most breath-taking scenic route. With the best company, fabulous music, my sweetie tin and views that pummeled deep into my body I was definitely thrown into a moment of euphoria.

Oh. my. days.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself….

Running a house…becoming a wife.
Cooking with my lovely better-half.

A few weeks ago my gorgeous fiance baked a creamy chicken pie. It was a recipe my man had seen Gino D’Acampo make so I was looking forward to trying it even more.

I have to tell you – I wasn’t disappointed!

The pie was filling, delicious, creamy and lemony. It had so much flavour to it, that gravy or a sauce wasn’t needed. I was so impressed, not only with the recipe, but with hubby-to-be’s cookery skills, so much so that I desperately want him to make it again (hint hint) It was gorgeous!!

For the recipe go to


Images from Google and Avon Gorg website with thanks.

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“It’s a wonderful life”

Before I start today’s blog I want you to take a moment to think about the person or people you love most in your life. Think about all of the amazing times you have had together. Re-live all of those precious moments and experiences you have shared with one other….If you have seriously done this then I’m guessing you must be feeling pretty blissful right now?!

Now I want you to imagine that the very person or people who have and are making you so very happy, believe that you would be better off without them.  Are they crazy you scream? Ask yourself… does knowing the want to leave your life make you feel? I’ll be honest with you, I am terrified at the thought of not having those that I love so dearly in my life – a life without them, for me, isn’t a life at all!!

Ask anyone who know’s me….I blinkin love Christmas!!! This is my favourite, favourite, favourite time of year for many, many reasons…too many to list in fact. Christmas gives me that sense of perspective that I lose towards the second half of the year….this festive season reminds me how important family is, how amazing simple things like food tastes and smells, how much I appreciate and value the friendships of others  and how essential it is to be thankful for the blessings we have received. It doesn’t matter what rubbishy experiences or situations I have been through during the year – they are all wiped away with that first chill in the air, with that first sight of a white cloud, with that first note of a Christmas tune – the badness has gone and the beauty has returned!!

The problem is that Christmas is now a time focussed more on the material receiving rather than the blessings we have already been given…when did we lose that sense of thankfulness for what we already have? Working with children really shows me how much the meaning of Christmas has changed. Whilst I was sat listening to all the presents the children couldn’t wait to receive I thought there was no hope!! However, one child reminded me that even in the darkest of moments there is always a ray of hope. This child in particular told me that they had been to see Santa at a local shop. The child in question rarely uses her words and communicates with me through sounds and actions. Yet she was desperate to tell me about her trip to see Santa. When I asked her what she had asked Santa for her reply was so clear and so beautiful….’chocolate cake’  she replied with the biggest smile on her face. To this child something a simple as chocolate cake was so beautiful to her and it could be seen in her eyes that she would be genuinely happy with her choice of gift – she wanted nothing more and was truly thankful if she was to receive it! How amazingly lovely of her!

When I asked you to think about your loved ones leaving your life did it make you sad? Did you feel a sense of grief? I hope so! Everytime I think about loosing those that I hold so close to my heart, the pain affects me more than the sever stabbing of a knife into my heart would! I wanted to give you a sense of perspective during this time of year!! This is the one time of year I know I can definitely spend with family and friends and I would trade in any form of material possession for this time. I am so utterly thankful for my family and friends – they are the best blessings I have and ever will receive in my life.

There is so much to be thankful for in this world….sooo much! When you realise this I completely believe that you will achieve a true sense of happiness. When you do this make sure you remember…..

“It’s A Wonderful Life”  

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Father Of The Bride

I love, love, love this film!!!!


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Me and my cushty


I have read so many blogs in which their writers promote products that they have tried, tested, loved or hated. Today I become one of those bloggers…

A few years ago my parents bought me a microbead pillow in order to make a very long flight bearable!! As thrilled as I was to receive this pink beauty little did I know how amazing it was and how valuable it would become to my life.

The microbead pillow has so many qualities/functions…whatever…it is brilliant!! I use my pillow (or my cushty as I like to call it) to rest my neck against, to prop up my back when I am in the office, to have a quick nap on and for travelling purposes!! As sad as this may sound….I even sleep with my cushty at night – don’t judge me – it is soooo comfortable!!

The best thing about this pillow is its magical ability to reduce (or completely abliterate) pain.!! You probably think I am completely crazy (which is actually correct) but I am being very serious when I say this….and I should know!! I was recently diagnosed with a short-term (and non-serious) illness, part of which put me in a massive amount of pain…not even alcohol could help me.!! But (I hate starting a sentence with “but”) cushty came to the rescue!! It is likely that there is a psychological explanation for this but I am telling you – I curled up with cushty pressed into my pain and it was gone….and I managed to get a really decent nights sleep too!! Awesome!!

I woke up this morning and as usual, saw cushty pressed up against my tummy.!! As I laughed at my ridiculous obsession (and my huge, pregnancy like stomach) I was reminded of a scene in the film “The Back Up Plan” (lurrrve)

Jennifer Lopez  (lurrrve) stars as Zoe, a beautiful, single woman who is desperate to become a Mum (Important Note: anyone who hasn’t yet seen this film – get on it – it is pure brilliance) There is one particular scene in the movie where Zoe emphasises the frustrations and discomfort that many (if not all) pregnant women go through when they are trying to sleep: hot sweats, inability to relax, uncomfortable in any position….sound familiar?!

(Ok, ok I know this blog is a little long-winded but I am getting to the point now)

Can guess what came to Zoe’s rescue?! Yup you guessed right – a cushty and not just any cushty, oh no, a HUMAN SIZED CUSHTY!!! I gotta get me one of those!!

(One word of advice which is vital to point out here – these pillows are addictive!! Therefore please be warned that your other half ((in my case my better half)) may feel that you have neglected, replaced and have no use for them anymore!!! Haha!!)

Microbead pillows are sooooooo amazing; pain bustering, pregnancy comforting and essential travel accessory – if you don’t have one – then go get one!!!



(As always: all pictures were found on Google images and may be subject to copyright laws)


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Wedding Dresses Monroe Style

The first of my Celebrity Wedding Dresses blog aims to highlight the beauty and grace yet sassy and sexy outfits of the wonderful legend that is: Marilyn Monroe. She has been known for some iconic outfits and it is some of her most famous and best outfits which I feel would make fabulous Wedding dresses today….

Outfit One: The famous dress


One of the most (if not THE most) famous Marilyn dresses. This outfit screams feminim sexiness and would make a gorgeous summer Wedding dress.

Outfit Two: The ‘some like it hot’ dress


I love this dress. The slim line and open chest design is sassy and provocative. I don’t think this dress would work for a big busted woman but I cannot deny that it is another perfect Wedding dress idea.

Outfit Three: The ‘not so innocent’ dress

Wow – what a dress. Another slim line design but this dress is unique in its feminim and pure design. The detail that is placed on the fabric throughout, especially on the bodice and sleeves draw attention to Marilyn’s fabulous figure (and her bust)

Outfit Four: The ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress

And last, but certainly not least, the amazing ‘Happy Birthday’ dress. Wow  – just wow!!


(All pictures may be subject to Copyright laws, were found on Google images and were used purely for personal reasons) 

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The best movie kisses

We watch them and swoon, we want to be involved in them, we dream about them for many moments and we practice them. Movie kisses are, for me, essential to the making of a good film. So prepare yourselves people for here are my top 10 favourite movie kisses….

(For those that are a little weak hearted the below videos may contain a little nookie – apologies but they were the only videos I could find)

10. Romeo and Juliet

9. Ever After

8.  Pearl Harbour

7. Spiderman

Now seriously – if you haven’t tried this kiss – get on with it!!!!

6. Never Been Kissed

The grab-me-now kiss – so lovely.

5. First Daughter

6. Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End 

Ok, ok so he kisses her leg but still – fwaaaoh!!!!

3. Titanic

Oooh – I have goosebumps right now!!!

2. Twilight

For all the girls who want to be bitten/kissed by the luscious vampire that is Edward Cullen – I am right there with you!!

1. The Notebook – aka BEST KISS IN MOVIE HISTORY!!



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