What I know

Do you ever get those days where you feel that you cannot remember who you are? Where you become so moulded into the environment you love, work, socialize and learn in, that you cannot remember your true personality, likes and passions? I have one of these days at least twice a month and it scares me. So today I sat down and made a list of what I do know about myself, hoping that next time I reach this stage, I can look over this blog and smile in remembrance of who I truly am.

What I don’t like

1. I do NOT like fish, whether cooked or alive.

2. I do NOT like the heat or the cold – somewhere in the middle is just right for me.

3. I do NOT like mushroom, cream or cheese sauce.

4. Sometimes food makes me gag.

5. I do NOT like being woken up and I do NOT like having to stay awake.

6. I do NOT like Cats…and yes that means kittens too…no matter how ‘cute’ or ‘cuddly’ they may seem.

7. I do NOT like how fear controls me sometimes.

What I do like

1. I like God, my hubby-to-be (a lot) my family and my friends.

2. I like getting lost in a book, movie or song.

3. I like wine and gin and Malibu and cocktails and rum and sours and…did I say wine?

4. I like nature; the sea, the trees, forests and lakes.

5. I like a good cry.

6. I like the number 7 and the number 14.

7. I like being inspired.

And a few other things

1. I often over-react and read too much into things.

2. I am compassionate – sometimes too much so.

3. I like to give an excuse …for pretty much everything, yet I’m not afraid to take the blame.

4. I enjoy beginnings….finishing often challenges me.

5. I can be selfish.

6. I enjoy planning and writing lists.

7. I have a need to be loved, not accepted, loved but I also have a lot of love to give.

….I’m a damn right weirdo aren’t I?


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