Sermon Sunday

“Change yourself in order to change your circumstance.”~Steve Sanger, Personal Trainer.

I want to start my post today by asking you a question: When you come out of a trial/bad time, do you keep up that significant change that pulled you through or do you fall back into the laziness of your previous thoughts and actions?
I for one know that, when things are going great it is easy for me to slip right back into a previous routine, often the routine that got me into a trial in the first place. No wonder my circumstances start to decline again.

Keeping up a personal change is hard work – sometimes it is even harder that the trial itself. Changing yourself for a better outcome in life is often easier because you know you can do something to drag yourself out of your pit. Yet the last thing you want to do when everything is rosy is to keep working hard for a better future; you want to relax, enjoy the good times as you know the bad times are just lurking around the corner ready to pounce.

Sound familiar?

How does one go about keeping up a personal change?

The key is to fight laziness.

Laziness attacks us all; be it mental or physical laziness, we are all lazy at some point in our lives.The ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I’ll do it later’ attitude is what drags us down into negative pastures. Laziness, in its most common form, is the want for an ‘easier life’ Here is scenario for you:

Imagine you’re a cake lover but you know your love for cake is causing the increase in those extra pounds you have put on. So you decide to cut cake out of your diet. Over a few months you notice the vast improvement in your health by airing your slimmer waist line (at this point I would just like to say that quitting cake alone will not help you lose loads of weight – there is more to weight loss than this but I am using the cake situation as an example – bare with me) As a slimmer, healthier, happier you, you feel proud at what you have achieved. One day you are hungry but ‘cannot be bothered’ to cook. Now that you are slim again you think “ah I’ll grab a piece of cake it’s easier; one piece of cake wont hurt me.” As that one piece become two pieces, you fall back into your previous routine. A few weeks down the line you notice that you feel groggy and your body shape is changing again.


My advice is this: Grab laziness by the balls and throw it off a cliff….you don’t need it in your life! Keeping your mind and body active are great ways to keep up a personal change that you have made. There are thousands of surveys that clearly show exercise helps you de-stress and sleep better: a great way to shake off that possible down/negative period you may be going through.

And we all know that an active mind means things get done. Writing a list is a great way to be pro-active and keep up with personal change.

My thoughts this week have aimed to show you that, if you make a personal change, whether to lose weight or to stop being easily angered, making the change is only the first step to bring you out of your trial. You have to work at personal change in order to achieve personal growth. Personal growth allows that change previously made to become deeper, saving you from falling into the pit of having to learn the same lesson over and over again.

So get up off your butt and get yourself sorted…..The New Year is a great time to sort yourself and your life out. It is time that we all overcame that lazy bug and got things done — no more excuses people!

Good luck xOx

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