….Of the week

1. My amazing man sure knows the way to my heart…..

………with a luuuuuurvy heart-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnut of course!! Yum yum =D 

2. These outfits are on my list of Spring must-haves…..totally luff them!!

3. Peppermint tea; need I say anymore.

4. Michael Kiwanuka’s album is out today and I am MEGA excited to listen to it!!

Hope you are all having a good week. Keep an eye out for my lent update tomorrow and project 52 is back this week (and it’s a gooden)

Pictures taken with my own personal phone and from google images with thanks.



Outragous or Comical…you decide!!!

There I was ranting on about the modern-day segregated gender roles when I stumbled upon this…..



….and before you ask YES these jeans are for real and have been printed by clothing line Madhouse. Clearly the 1900’s gender roles are still apparent in todays generation.

Thoughts on these jeans?

Picture from my FAVOURITE magazine ever Stylist Mag with thanks.

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