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I wanted to post about a few things that have really helped ease the past few stressful weeks….



IT’S BACK….Cougar Town the best wine-sipping, summer loving, friendship growing programme on telly….


I tried it…by sipping it…I liked it….I drank the lot….This bottle of wine is delicious!!!

Have a great week everyone =D 

Pictures from google images with thanks.

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Hanz Summer Playlist

15 songs in my 2011 summer playlist:

1. Kari Kimmel – To Make You Smile

2. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

3. David Guetta feat. Rihanna – Who’s That Chick

4. Everly – Stars

5. Stevie Wonder – Superstition

6. Nickleback – Far Away

7. Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation – Feel This

8. David Guetta – Love Don’t Let Me Go

9.  Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

10. Jason Mraz – Live High

11. Iron and Wine – Flightless bird

12. Justin Timberlake – Senorita

13. Jessie J – Mamma Knows Best

14. Jack Johnson – Better Together

15. JLo feat. Pitbull – On The Floor


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Calling All Summer Sufferers!!!

I looked out my window early this morning and thought to myself  ‘ah it looks a little cloudy outside – I shall wear my amazingly comfy (and new) knitted boots today’ Little did I know that the sun would be so intense on my journey to and from work, that my precious Ugg boots were causing me immense grief! It is days like today when a massive part of me dies inside. Instead of rejoicing at the fact that the sky was that amazing blue colour – you know the colour I mean, that the clouds were barely to be seen and that my hair didn’t look like a wet mop for once, all I could think about was the reasons I detest the Summer sunshine =(  As a life-long (a 22year old didn’t sound as dramatic) Asthma, Excema, Hayfever and Peeling Scalp sufferer summer isn’t my happiest of times. Instead of carrying the light handbag that is nearly bare throughout the Winter – I have to carry a heavy handbag to fit in all the medication, tissues, throat lozenges and many other essentials, that I need to get through these summary days. Not only that but the heat plays havoc with my moods – yes I am a lover of being warm and cosy – if I could forever stay in my bed wrapped in my duvet and Uggs (and everything else for that matter) then I would – but to be walking or even sitting in the heat makes me one angry, sweaty bunny – no one likes to see that on a day out do they?! To top it all off my Summer is always more expensive than my Winter; medication, tissues, throat lozenges, antihistamines, moisturizer, water, plasters and a handbag to carry it all in, costs me a bom.

This is why I wanted to blog today. Despite my summer hang ups I do enjoy seeing the sun every once in a while and, whilst sun-lovers in the UK aren’t blessed with 24/7 sunshine – we have to enjoy and respect it when it eventually arrives. Today my blog is dedicated to my fellow Summer Sufferers – here are my top tips for getting through =D

1. Don’t Be Stupid:

Always, Always, Always carry your inhaler, excema cream and antihistamines with you at all times. I have ended up in hospital on MANY occasions not being able to breathe and let me tell you – it is one of the scariest experiences I have ever had. As Summer is the season for festivals in the fields and parties on the beach, these environments can not only cause chaos with your breathing, but can cause extreme hayfever and a drastic excema flare up. So many times have I ended up with blotchy skin, blisters, heat rashes and streaming itchy eyes that going out doesn’t seem worth it. Trust me if you can avoid this then always carry the essentials with you.

2. Hayfever Tablets/Antihistamines:

Lets face it – these tablets are expensive – but they too are essential to making it through the Summer. I use Piriteze because it does the job without making me drowsy (you have to be careful with this as many tablets cause drowsiness) The cost per packet (7 tablets) is usually around £3-£6 pounds depending on where you buy it, but essentially you are paying for a good product here! £3-£6 v Hospital – I know what my choice is!!

3. Tanning:

I want to say this loud and clear: for those of you that, like me, suffer from Excema, Psoriasis, A peeling scalp or any other skin related problem then you should know how damaging the sun can be. Exposing your already damaged skin to sunlight and heat without protecting yourself is a mistake not to be made. Yes I know how badly you may want that tan but believe me – there are easier ways around it. I consider myself (at the moment anyway) to be tanned – yes like others I want to be darker but I am not willing to risk my skin in order to do so. My tanning routine is as follows: If I am in the sun all day I use a Factor 30+ sun lotion with self tan in the mixture. For a more natural tan I apply a lower factor of suncream, 20-25+ and only lie in the sun for around 20-40mins max. Whatever you decide to use and however you want to get your tan always remember – moisturize your skin afterwards!! 

4. Keep Hydrated:

Water, Water, Water, Water! Not coke, lemonade, beer or juice – water! Water keeps you hydrated, allowing you to be refreshed and active during the sunning days and it has the added bonus of keeping your skin looking fab =D Drink up peeps!!

5. Wear loose, baggy clothes:

I never thought I would see the day when going to the beach – to sunbathe – became a fashion. I have witnessed girls in their killer heels and tight denim shorts going to the beach – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! In order to stay cool, active and sweat free  my advice would be to wear loose, baggy clothing and accessorize your outfit with a bit of beachy, summary bling!!

6.   Make sure you have a fab-u-lous playlist:

And last but certainly not least, getting through a sun-filled day becomes that little bit easier if you have a great playlist to sing along too.

Enjoy! Hannah x

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