tHiNgS tUeSdAy


tUeSdAyS now belong to alllllll tHiNgS ME!
This week I am going to mention a few tHiNgS as I haven’t posted for a while but after this week expect a post dedicated to one tHiNg ME

tHiNgS I am proud of 
With a girls holiday fast approaching it was time to give myself a kick up the bum and get back into training. With my desired bikini body (Cheryl Cole of course) shoved in my face every day I’m really trying hard to real my goal. My start wasn’t great I’ll be honest, opting for ‘cheats’ here and there and everywhere. However, so far this week I’ve really bashed it out and have stuck to my plan. Today was especially difficult on the hunger side of things (especially still having LENT to contend with) but having looked in the mirror tonight and not having to see my bloated tummy makes me feel really proud of myself for pushing through the pain.

Bring on tomorrow’s body obliteration I say!!!!!!!

tHiNgS I had forgotten
Peppermint Tea is soooooooo freakin awesome – I have always loved this stuff and cannot remember what was going through my mind to make me stop drinking it! Well looking forward to making my Peppermint iced-Tea/Peppermint Tea cocktails once Spring officially hits.

tHiNgS I am learning
Ok brace yourself for this one: I have recently learnt that…..I can actually be patient. I know it’s unbelievable right?!
Reacting in the heat of the moment has often been my forte but I now know that it never solves anything – it usually makes things worse. However, over the last month or so I’ve really learnt how to take a step back from a situation. Learning this has made me realise that certain situations aren’t as bad as they seem after a night or two’s sleep. Plus, with the initial anger removed I can focus on what I want to do and can then make a decision on how to react. A hard lesson to learn this one but I think I may have finally got it – HOOOORRRAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

tHinGs I am excited about
The most freaking, rad and totes awesome legend that is Mr Justin Timberlake released his MUCH AWAITED AND LONGED FOR album today and I was righht out there to grab my copy!! It is more epic than I could have imagined and wanted and I am soooooo excited to make some memories to his fudging sweeeet music!!


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