A topic for debate

My Auntie shared this status update from the UK’s number 1 morning programme “This morning”

One town’s mayor in Germany has decided that some parking spaces are just too tough for ladies – and has marked them as men only parking spaces. Does the controversial mayor have a point or is this an example of male pig-headedness?

Now at a first glance I laughed at this. “Brilliant” I thought. “I can’t park for toffee…more space would do me the world of good.” But then I was like “hay isn’t this a bit sexist?”

I am an individual who is all about equality; I agree that men and women should be paid the same, should be allowed to have the same careers and should even pay the same amount of car insurance (sorry ladies) BUT should we make a stand if something as trivial as ‘parking issues’ become sexist? My opinion is that Germany’s plan should boil down to personal perception of whether you as an individual can park. I don’t think that bigger parking spaces should be available to just women or that your average parking space should be classed as ‘men only’ but that like everything in life we should have the individual right and choice to park wherever we can and want.

What do you think?

I’d be interested to know other opinions on this topic and the topic of gender equality. Comment your response below.


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