Thoughts for the week: A change in perspective

I remember the very first time (plus a couple more trips) hubby-to-be took me to London….I hated it – you can ask him. I was miserable; no trees, no grass, no perfect blue sky; no silence, no peace and no clean air. London was too busy for me – even crossing the road or catching the tube made me fall apart on the inside and the out. Every early trip was counted down till our return back to the country/beach…I actually started to crave the smell of fresh air and horse poop.

But hubby-to-be persisted with me and I kept going. THE NIGHT was clearly a biiiig change in my opinion of London…..if hubby-to-be went to all that trouble to plan an amazing night (which turned out to be the best night ever) then London must not be so bad. That night H-T-B showed me the exciting side to London; the landmarks, the fame, the money, the swanky hotels, the West End (MEGA LUFF) the extortionate prices (we wont go there) and the big city at night. But H-T-B also introduced to me the opportunities London can hold for a person… can turn up in London as a nobody and with either hard work and dedication, become a somebody OR you can remain a nobody going about your daily life. London doesn’t care, London doesn’t force you to be somebody you don’t want to be.

London inspires. London provides more than enough inspiration to encourage a person to take a big leap. Every time I visit London (which believe me is nowhere near enough now I’ve grown to adore it) I feel this strange sense of security; I feel secure in myself to strive rather than fall apart.

But London also respects. London’s diversity embraces you as an individual. London doesn’t say ‘Hannah change your shoes’ or ‘Hannah don’t wear jeans and a hoody’ London says ‘Hannah, what are you going to do today?’

I embrace London and its emphasis on individuality and I always leave wanting more.

It is now of my opinion that you can either love London or hate it. But a change in perspective has made me feel that living in London and hating it is far less painful than being inspired by London – inspiration is often a dangerous and challenging thing – its like an aphrodisiac cocktail without the bad hangover and regret. But used in the right way and inspiration can be the driving force that makes you take that scary step.

for me, London (and yes I am still talking about the city) doesn’t make me realise that dreams can come true, it forces me to understand that I actually WANT my dreams to come true. It is amazing that one place can make a person achieve something, especially for me.

Who knows I may even be daring enough to move there one day. (I said ‘one day’ hubby-to-be lol)

Find what it is that inspires you and use that as your driving force to achieve your dreams. But above everything don’t change who you are – the world may or may not accept you but remain true to yourself regardless. The world is full of opportunities but if one doesn’t grab you have the confidence in yourself to make the opportunities that you want.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!


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